Truck wrecks at Brundidge Florist a recurring problem

Published 3:00 am Friday, November 10, 2017

For the sixth time or more, an 18-wheeler has taken a swipe at the Brundidge Florist awning on the corner of South Main and S.A. Graham Boulevard in downtown Brundidge.

When the truck hit the awning in the early evening hours Wednesday, the impact was felt in a nearby building, said Jamie Bullock, whose florist has been taking the blunt of failed turns for nearly 20 years.

“We were lucky this time in that the police were able to stop the truck and, hopefully, the owner of the truck will pay for the damages,” Bullock said. “Most of the time, we have had to assume the cost of the damages. Our insurance would pay but we have to pay the deductible. And, when you make an insurance claim, your insurance usually goes up. With repeated claims you can lose your coverage.”

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Bullock said, at one time, there was a sign that prevented right turns onto Main Street from S.A. Graham Boulevard.

“I don’t understand the turns,” she said. “The trucks are either coming off Highway 231 or coming across it. So, by coming into town, they are going back the way they came. There’s no way for them to go once they turn onto South Main Street except back to Highway 231.”
Bullock said it seems that a no right turn sign and the enforcement of it would solve the problem.

“A sign is posted that prevents right turns off Main Street onto S.A. Graham Blvd. and a similar sign is in order that would prevent right turns off S.A. Graham Boulevard onto Main Street.”

Brundidge Police Chief Moses Davenport agreed.

“When these trucks turn right onto South Main they are going right back out to Highway 213,” he said. “They don’t have anywhere else to go. Whether they are coming from Hardee’s or off the highway, they are back where they started.”

Davenport said the owner of the truck that hit and damaged the Brundidge Florist awing will be responsible for the damages.

“No charges will be filed because there was no sign preventing the turn, the driver just turned too sharp and hit the awning,” Davenport said, adding that the driver did not stop to report the accident.

Brundidge Mayor Isabell Boyd said the city is working to alleviate the problem with turns onto Main Street.

“We realize there is a problem and we are going to find a way to solve it,” she said. “Mrs. Bullock ‘s business has taken a lot of licks and we’re going to find what a way to solve it.