‘A RECIPE FOR SUCCES’: Schubert shares story with culinary art students

Published 4:00 am Thursday, September 21, 2017

When Sister Schubert visits the Culinary Arts Academy at Charles Henderson High School, the students can hardly hide their excitement at having a celebrity in their midst.

Paula Shute, Academy instructor, said the students always look forward to having Patricia “Sister Schubert” Barnes visit the academy and tell the success story of her Parker House style rolls.

Sister Schubert Rolls is one of the great success stories that comes from small town America and it’s one that Shute wants her students to hear.

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“Sister Schubert Rolls started in Patricia Barnes’ kitchen in Troy, Alabama,” Shute said. “Her rolls became popular at church events and people began asking her to bake her rolls for their family functions and just for their Sunday dinner. Today, Sister Schubert Rolls are baked at bakeries at three locations, Luverne and Saraland and Horse Cave, Kentucky. That’s quite a success story.”

Shute said she wants her students to realize that dreams can come true.

“Even if you come from a small town, you can dream big,” she said. “Sister Schubert is proof of that. If you have a dream and you work hard and never give up, you can achieve success.”

Shute said Barnes is an inspiration to her students.

“They are in awe of what she has accomplished,” she said. “And they are appreciative that she would make time to come and talk with them and show them how to make rolls the Sister Schubert way.”

Shute said Barnes is an encourager and each time she visits the Culinary Arts Academy, she encourages the students to dream their dreams and be willing to do what is necessary to make them a reality.

“Staying in school is most important,” Barnes said. “A good education will open the doors to a successful future.”

At its three locations, Sister Schubert “rolls out” nine million rolls a day. Not only are Sister Schubert Rolls favorites at grocery markets, they have made their way into restaurants across the country.

Barnes told the students that the mini breakfast rolls at Chick-fil-A are Sister Schubert Rolls, as are the sliders at Applebee’s. Sister Schubert Rolls could just “pop up” almost anywhere.

“We are always looking for new products but are always dedicated to making the best rolls possible,” Barnes said.

Shute told her students that a product stands on its own and Sister Schubert Rolls are known for their quality.

“When you buy Sister Schubert Rolls, you know you are getting a quality product every time,” she said. “That’s the recipe for continued success.”