Two more arrested in connection to Whaley theft

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2017

David and Michael Beasley have been arrested and charged with first-degree theft of property in connection with what officials say was a system of theft from Whaley Construction Company.

Marjorie Beasley, the mother of David and Michael, her niece Karron White and sister Jeanette Holliday were each indicted in March for the theft of $1.8 million from the company over four years.

District Attorney Tom Anderson said up to $5.5 million may have been stolen from the company over the years by Marjorie and White, who kept the books for Whaley.

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Anderson said the investigation revealed that David and Michael could also be involved in the scheme. They were indicted by a grand jury last week and booked into Pike County Jail Friday.

“What they’re basically charged with is utilization of credit cards with Whaley’s name on them that they were not authorized to use,” Anderson said. “They were furnished by Marjorie and they utilized them.”

Anderson said David was charged with the theft of approximately $3,000 in fraudulent charges to a company credit card while Michael allegedly spent $50,000 on the card.

Anderson said the two sons were not charged at the same time as the other members of their family because discoveries leading to their arrest were made later in the investigation.

“The investigation led to other discoveries and it took additional time to hash out the details,” Anderson said.

First-degree theft of property is a Class B felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.