Troy University Concert Chorale to perform at Carnegie Hall

Published 3:00 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr. laid his hand on Dr. Diane Orlofsky’s shoulder and said, “get us to Carnegie Hall.”

The chancellor, smilingly, made that directive at the dedication of Troy University’s new John Maloy Long Hall three years ago.

On Wednesday, Dr. Diane Orlofsky booked the trip.

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Troy University’s Concert Chorale has been invited to perform at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on May 25, 2018, in the Isaac Stern Auditorium. The Concert Chorale will premiere a new multi-movement work by conductor and composer Eric William Barnum.

“Our Choral group will present our recently commissioned piece, ‘Evensong’ as well as several other arrangements in connection with the Distinguished Concert International New York’s performance of  ‘The Music of Eric Barnum,’” Orlofsky said.

Orlofsky said being invited to perform in Carnegie Hall is a tremendous honor.

“This invitation is a benchmark for Troy University and for our choral program,” she said. “The opportunity to have our students work with Eric Barnum and to perform in one of the world’s greatest concert halls is a privilege and will be a thrilling experience.”

The invitation itself is the acknowledgement of the Concert Chorale’s standard of excellence and musical achievement and Troy University’s commitment to the arts, Orlofsky said.

The concert involves a select group of invited ensembles to perform the Barnum program under his direction.

The singers will spend five days and four nights in New York City. Afternoons will be reserved for rehearsals for the performance. The singers will also have opportunities to attend cultural events and meet with Troy University alumni in the area.

Orlofsky said not only will the Concert Chorale members represent Troy University and the high quality of music and education it fosters, they will also be ambassadors for Troy and all Pike County.

The estimated total cost of the trip is $55,000. To defray the costs of travel and lodging, the Concert Chorale members have launched a fund-raising drive. To make a financial contribution, make checks payable to the Troy University Foundation and mail them to Dr. Diane Orlofsky, John M. Long School of Music, Long Hall, Troy University, Troy, AL. 36082. Online contributions (Giving Search: Concert Chorale) may be made at _Giving.

“The students are very excited about the invitation and the chance to perform in the nation’s premier music hall,” Orlofsky said. “This is an unbelievable opportunity for them. They are ‘all-in’ for raising funds for the trip. All contributions will be greatly appreciated. No singer will be left behind.”