Offering another proposal for insurance reform

Published 3:00 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

I would like to inform the citizens of Alabama the need for reforming insurance with some reasons why it’s needed. My experiences with some four / five companies going back as far as some two decades has certainly not been pleasant ones. The wrongs involved are on-going, and the elected ones responsible for it all simply don’t know or don’t care. The great need for is for us- the majority- to join together with strong support in recruiting and electing law-makers committed to truth, dignity, integrity, justice, that willcomply with the laws of the state and others responsible for enforcing the Alabama Constitution’s gambling prohibition law that applies to all people and cannot be Constitutionally amended, thus becoming effective will promoting a safer / better quality of life for everyone. This majority will require volunteers for both time and expense money needed for bringing this reform into reality. My time and expense money is limited, but will be available for meeting with interested groups to further explain these needs. We together can initiate these needs and make sure they can be spread throughout the entire State. Think back on things some others have done that are affecting the entire nation.

There are boodles of insurance premium money leaving the state never to return. A few insurance categories shown here are LTC, TERM-LIFE, WHOLE-LIFE, and all highway user MOTOR VEHICLES that must include the trucking industry. When the shelf-life of these policies expire with-out having had any claims against them by the insured should and must be required to return at least 25/30 percent of the premium money having been paid into the company by the policy holder if still living, if not living to the beneficiary/ estate. A motor vehicle is completely innocent, harmless, helpless and cannot be held liable for any damages occurring with / from it by any court of law. This should be sufficient proof enough for the current mode for this requirement to be in the wrong place. The responsibility here rest solely with the driver, and not the vehicle.

The driver’s license id where the insurance should and must be with no mention of any vehicle ID on a license size card. This reform will require rental service companies to accept it, insurance requirement by these companies are out-right scandalous, they do not accept our own insurance. Information on this card should have only the insured name and phone number; the owner’s driver’s license number; the insurance company’s name and phone number: motor vehicle insurance policy number; amount of coverage; dates of renewal and expiration. This in effect will strongly counter / remove the risk for escaping this responsibility.

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A unit of life insurance should be $1000.00 with the coverage amount being capped at a maximum of $100,000 for both whole and term-life. Requirements for non-commercial highway user motor vehicle rates to be based on the average amount for one vehicle only. For the trucking industry’s highway user motor vehicle insurance requirements to be capped at $750.00. With this being in effect should lower insurance expense that is now out-right scandalous and is uncalled for. We should show more respect for this industry because it delivers the things we need

Part II will be coming forth soon.

Jack D. Pollard

Luverne, Alabama