CAPS OFF: CHHS seniors end high school journey

Published 3:03 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

Families and friends of the 106 graduating seniors of Charles Henderson High School packed Sartain Hall Wednesday morning to see their loved ones get their diplomas.

“This is a time of satisfaction, celebration and reflection,” said Brock Kelley, CHHS principal. “These students walked in their first day of high school four years ago unprepared– not academically– but for how fast these years seem to pass, the ups and downs and the laughter and crying they would go through. But today, their dreams become a reality.”

Salutatorian Lindsey Fox told her graduating class not to rush through this time but to savor the moment.

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“As I look out I see about half of you are checking your phones to see what time it is,” Fox said. “Time always seems to rush us. We’re finally here and we’re seeing how much longer we have until it’s over. Let’s look and think of where we have been.

“Our clock started at 12 and we entered elementary school and stayed there ‘til 5. In 5th grade, we had our first dance, if you can call standing on opposite sides of the room a dance.

“Then we began middle school from 6-8. The girls began wearing a little too much makeup and the guys started wearing athletic socks to their knees but it’s okay because we were awkward together.

“…Then in our senior year we had our last first day of school, turned in our last assignments and got our caps and gowns. Both hands are back at 12 ready to start the next phase of our life. I challenge you to enjoy life to the fullest and savor every moment. Make the time count.”

Valedictorian Adam Bensinger then addressed his classmates and told them to remember their diversity and the value of respecting people who believe differently than them.

“We learned to love and respect each other despite our differences,” Bensinger said. “Being around so many different people taught us the value of respecting each other. Some out there see our differences as a threat to be contained and not a resource to be tapped. But that’s not what the class of 2017 is about.”

The graduates then made it to the big moment and walked across the stage to finally get their diplomas in hand. Once finished, the class sang the alma mater, most likely the last time they will all be together to sing it as a group.

Tossing their caps in the air, the graduates left the building to go their separate ways and celebrate with family and friends and start a new chapter of their lives.