Wreck victim happy to be back in Goshen

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Denver Buck finally came home three weeks ago after months of hospitalization following a January wreck.

Buck’s mother, Jennifer Howard, said he is continuing to progress in his recovery at home.

The first thing Buck did when he got home, she said, was to ditch the walker and wheelchair.

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“As soon as he came home, he didn’t want walker or the wheelchair,” Howard said. “He’s to the point where he can pretty much take care of himself.”

Buck and his friend were turning onto U.S. Highway 231 from Trojan Way when the other truck t-boned their vehicle, sending both vehicles into the median and flipping Buck’s truck. Buck’s friend escaped mostly unscathed, but Buck had to be airlifted to Montgomery in critical condition. Buck spent nearly a month in a coma before awakening in February.

“¬ A couple weeks ago I was (in a coma) and then I woke up and started singing!” Buck said. “Some country!”

Once Buck awoke, he was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where he began therapy and regained the ability to speak and walk with assistance.

Howard said Buck will soon be able to be reunited with friends from school and will be starting homebound schooling next week. The plan is for Buck to take summer classes and be caught up in time to start back his junior year at Goshen High School.

Goshen faculty and students have been active in supporting Buck, including raising funds for his family shortly after the accident and students singing his big “welcome home” banner when he returned to Troy.

“I really liked it,” Buck said of his friends signing the banner. “It meant a lot– that’s the people I used to go to school with.”

Howard said the main goal of therapy right now is to get Buck’s physical strength back.

“They’re mainly working on getting his strength back up and on his overall body,” Howard said. “He’s very determined. He’s definitely one, if you put something in front of him, he’s going to go and exceed it.” Buck nodded in agreement.

Buck said he appreciates the prayers that the community sent up on his behalf and asked that people continue to pray for him as he continues recovering.

“Thank you for your prayers and continue praying please,” He said.