Wellness is focus of Female Factor

Published 10:19 am Thursday, April 13, 2017

‘Dr. Dee’ Stewart-Groce shared insights into the benefits of chiropractic care during the Female Factor meeting on Wednesday. The program focused on wellness and attendees learned about everything from alignments to cryotherapy.

Those who suffer from pain and inflammation could find the relief they seek in the iNFUSION Cryotherapy chamber.

Dr. “Dee” Stewart-Groce saved that bit of information for the “grand finale” of her presentation at the Wednesday meeting of Female Factor at The Studio in downtown Troy.

Stewart-Groce and Amy Reeves Drinkard of the Woodling Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center in Troy were the program guests and had words of medical wisdom for those in attendance who desire a higher level of wellness and health.

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Stewart-Groce is a chiropractor for Woodling Chiropractic and Drinkard is the patient coordinator at Woodling and runs the iNFUSION Cryotherapy chamber.

Stewart-Groce spoke first to a large group of females who “embody mind, body and spirit.”

She compared the makeup of the backbone to a s’more with graham crackers representing the vertebrae, a marshmallow representing the discs and the chocolate bar representing the nerves.

If either the marshmallow or the chocolate bar is pushed out of place, there will be discomfort and pain, Stewart-Groce said. And, several things can cause those things to be pushed out of place including stress, misalignment, trauma and toxins.

“When things are out of place, that causes problems,” Stewart-Groce said. “Chiropractic care helps maintain optimum alignment reduces pain and allows you to feel better and move with greater freedom.”

Stewart-Groce stressed the importance for proper vertebrae alignment with the use of a safety pin.

“When the pin is closed, that represents optimum bone alignment,” she said. “When the pin is open the bones are out of alignment and that’s when problems begin.”

She said chiropractic care can be beneficial “from the womb to the tomb.”

“Anyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care.”

Woodling Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center provides a variety of chiropractic services and welcomes anyone who desires a higher level of wellness and health including, but not limited to, low back pain, headaches and neck/shoulder pain.

She capped off her presentation with an introduction to cryotherapy or to put it in understandable terms, “an ice bath.”

“We put you in a robe, gloves and socks, and place you in a chamber where the temperature drops to freezing for three minutes,” Stewart-Groce said.

Liquid nitrogen is pumped inside the chamber causing the temperature to drop. The blood goes from the extremities to the center of the body. After exiting the chamber, the core is relieved of the blood and regenerates fresh oxygen and nutrients and helps stimulate healing and rids the body of inflammation.

It’s like wiping the slate clean and starting anew, Stewart-Groce said.