Bidding wars highlight annual auction

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Some came in boots; others came in shiny shoes. But they all came ready to do battle.

The bidding war at the Pike County Cattlemen’s Equipment Auction began early Saturday and ended late. By all accounts, the annual auction was, once again, a great success, said B.B. Palmer, Cattlemen president.

“We’ve had some auctions that were a little better and some that weren’t quite as good but they have all been successful, just as Saturday’s was,” Palmer said. “And, that’s thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Pike County Cattlemen and Cattlemen, all the volunteers and all of those who brought items and bought items. We thank them all. The money that was raised will be used for expenses at Cattlemen Park and in support of our youth programs.”

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Palmer said 100 bidders had opportunities to bid at more than 1,000 items, “some big, some small.”

“We won’t know exactly how we came out until we get everybody paid out and all the bills in but it was another good action,” Palmer said. “All the items sold and we had some good bidding wars going on. And, we sold a lot of hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks and drinks. Everybody seemed to have a good time. It was a good day.”

Dothan auctioneers Johnny Lee and Justin Godwin kept the auction moving along at a good clip, Palmer said.

“Toward the end of the day, they had two auctions going on at the same time,” Palmer said. “We wanted to get out of there before dark and they did a good job of getting us out. They worked it so the bidders could see both auctions sites and could move from one to the other to bid.”

Big items bring bigger bucks and the Pike County Cattlemen’s Equipment Auction on Saturday had some big items.

“We had hay balers, horse and cattle trailers, including a goose neck trailer,” Palmer said. “We had corn pickers, tractors and Bush hogs.  We had three new motorcycles up for bid and that was a first for us. And, we had a yellow scooter. We had a lot of variety in the big items.”

The auction also featured 30 vehicles including a travel trailer and pickups.

“People look forward to the Pike County Cattlemen’s auction,” Palmer said. “They can get some good deals buying and selling and the Cattlemen get some money to meet our needs and to continue the programs for our young people.

“I think everybody left satisfied and we certainly appreciate everybody who worked and everybody who brought and bought.”