Do you like being duped?

Published 3:00 am Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Pike County Commission and its political cohorts are unconscientiously bent on increasing the current 9 percent city sales tax by 1.5 percent in the city and by 1 percent in the county which is currently at 6 percent. (EDITOR’S  NOTE: The bill, as written, would give the commission authority to increase the sales tax by .5 percent inside Troy city limits to a total of 9.5 percent and up to 1.5 percent elsewhere in the county, where rates currently range from 6 to 8 percent.)

This broad based tax amounts to a 14 percent increase in sales tax for you city folks and an 18 percent hike for you county folks.  It is being orchestrated by political cronies in a sidestepping manner which will not require your approval.  Its passage is partially dependent upon state sponsored legislation in a bill being sponsored by State Senator Jimmy Holley of R- Elba and Representative Alan Boothe R- Troy. I call it political chicanery on the verge of corruption. It is based on a false narrative being promulgated by Sheriff Thomas in his quest for a new jail.  I alluded to this underhandedness in an e-mail that I sent to Governor Bentley. (He unfortunately receives thousands) The matter quite simply needs to be put on a ballot upon which YOU, the voting citizen, can vote.  Hard costs, not approximations, need to be spelled out. Why don’t you call your legislators, and councilmen, and tell them what you think?

You elected them and you have the right to expect their fair and honest treatment in regard to their execution of business related to you.

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The passage of a tax like this can have and will have a damping effect on local businesses.

Please refer to my September 9, 2016, Troy Messenger Editorial entitled ‘Jail Woes soon to equal Taxpayer Woes.’  (Google it!)

Local citizens, I urge you to wake up. It is soon to be YOUR (and my) pocket book issue.

Additionally, the Troy Messenger, in my opinion, is not a newspaper. It is a propaganda rag being used to exploit and misinform you, the taxpaying citizens.  Genuine ‘newspapers’ print unbiased news.

By the way, I like and respect Sheriff Thomas, but his trying to get a new jail via his current means is clearly unsatisfactory and will be called out as such until all political matters are clearly above board.

The next County Commission Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 10.  Mark your calendar and plan to be there.  I will be there in an attempt to clearly explain the issues and how you are being misled.

In the meantime why don’t you give these legislators and politicians a call?

Mr. Harry Sanders Pike County Commission Administrator (334) 566 6374

Rep. Alan Boothe (334) 242 7674 (good thru May 22) thereafter (334) 566 5742 (home)

Senator Jimmy Holley (334) 242 7845

Larry Wilke