Trojan Zone owner: New location, offerings are planned

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trojan Zone closed Friday after over four years of service in Troy, but owner Tim Fayson said the restaurant will be opening in a new location.

“We have a location in mind,” Fayson said. “We’re not exactly solid. We’re still in the information-gathering process.”

Fayson said the timeframe for reopening depends heavily on whether he decides to open in a pre-existing building or build a new restaurant.

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“Right now, we may be leaning toward building something from the ground up,” Fayson said.

Fayson didn’t tip his hand though on what locations are under consideration for the new restaurant.

Fayson said the restaurant owners wanted to branch out of their previous location on U.S. Highway 231 and better deliver the kind of service they’ve wanted to provide since the restaurant was established. The move accelerated, Fayson said, when the previous location’s owner made them aware he wanted to sell the building.

“It was a mutual decision,” Fayson said. “We were already getting the ball rolling. We used that (building) as sort of a proving ground to develop our concept and see what we were doing wrong and right, and now we have a good grasp of what our local customers want. We knew we wanted to eventually branch out and develop our concept.”

Fayson said the building served them well in their use of it, but he and his partners want to expand their vision for the restaurant with a building that allows them to do some different things.

“We want to go into having some activities like trivia and some different type of fundraisers and things like that,” Fayson said.” “We already had some fundraisers, but we want to do it much more often than we did at our present location because it just wasn’t conducive for that.”

Fayson said he’s hoping that a new location will give the restaurant a broader appeal and make customers more comfortable.

“We want to thank all of our customers and all the people that supported us over these four and a half years,” Fayson said. “We just want to bring something more appealing and bring more value to the community.”