Alabama should consider constitutional carry law

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thirteen states have already passed Constitutional Carry laws. Our neighboring state of Mississippi passed it just last year. This proves that this is something that should be done. Several of those 13 states are considerably more liberal than Alabama. I find it interesting that we are not a leader on such a conservative issue?

The opponents of Constitutional Carry put an emotional spin against it, but I think the numbers speak for themselves. For instance, Vermont never enacted unconstitutional carry laws, yet according to the FBI’s stats, Vermont is the safest state in the country! Research proves that restricting and hindering the right to bear arms only encourages criminals, and violent crimes against law-abiding citizens.

Permit laws actually harm Alabama’s poorest members as they don’t have the time or money to jump through all the hoops and bureaucracy to get a permit. It is sad that someone could be deprived of the Constitutional right to protect themselves.

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If you are committing a crime, you are already breaking the law. Studies have shown that criminals will get guns with or without a permit. Criminals do not obey gun laws, but they do understand the risk of attacking an armed citizen.

Constitutional Carry is a necessary deterrent to crime, and I think a Constitutional right. Let’s make sure we protect it in Alabama. Call your State Senator and Representative today, and urge them to vote for bill SB24 in support of the 2nd Amendment.

Zach Wahl