CGI to get new training facility

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The City of Troy, Troy University and CGI will build a new $2.5 million joint-training facility behind CGI for all three partners to hold meetings and train employees.

Mayor Jason Reeves said that the city is required to build the new facility after CGI and the city transformed the original facility into extra workspace to bring more jobs.

CGI got the opportunity to add 200 more spaces that would allow for work,” Reeves said. “So what we did was we transformed the joint training facility that existed into workspace for CGI. It’s something that we did as a temporary stop-gap to create workspace and bring those jobs in here.

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“We then had to agree at some time in the future to rebuild a joint training facility that we took up.”

The city will pay $175,000 a year for the facility, which Reeves said is a year-by-year agreement that means that only each year’s payment counts against the city’s debt limit.

The new facility will be constructed behind CGI on the Madison Street side.

Mark Salmon, director of the Troy University Physical Plant, said the building will be a one-story building with 12,000 square feet of space for trainings.

“Most of this space is designated and designed for training purposes. It has a fairly good-sized training room and then three smaller training rooms.”

The large training room will be 2,700 square feet while the three smaller rooms will be 500 to 600 square feet.

“The event room at 2,7000 square feet is larger than most homes,” Salmon said. “It can accommodate upwards of 100 people. The three smaller rooms are comparable to good-sized classrooms and would be capable of holding a couple dozen people.”

Salmon said the building is designed to be versatile for the different entities that need to use it.

“Its primary purpose is to meet the needs of CGI, the university and the city,” Salmon said. “It will be loaded with technology and tables an be set up to train a fairly good-sized group of individuals. It depends on how you design the space and what kind of training you need to conduct.”