Golden girls shine at TB&T

Published 3:00 am Friday, January 27, 2017

Judy Chancey left the Pike County Probate Office in September, 1962.  She was going to work for Troy Bank & Trust for a whopping $50 additional pay each month.  That increase would bring her monthly take home pay to $175, or $2,100 annually.

“Things just didn’t cost as much back then,” Chancey replied, when asked about the seemingly low salary.  “You could get a Coca-Cola for five cents!”

Chancey has been with TB&T for 54 years. She, along with Lydia Richardson, who has been employed by Troy Bank for 50 years, are the bank’s “Golden Girls”, and are a great history resource for the bank.  Both remember the days when the bank would close on Wednesday afternoons, and they would lock their purses in the vault and walk next door to the soda fountain at McLeod’s drug store for a quick lunch.  But things have changed so much from those days.

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“I would say that, of all the different aspects of banking, regulations and technology have changed the most,” said Richardson.  “There is less face-to-face customer contact now.” 

But they both agree on what makes a good banker.  “The ability to listen and find a way to help the customer,” said Chancey.  “And to establish a relationship with that customer that will keep them coming back and make them want to bring in their family and friends,” offered Richardson. 

“When I started at Troy Bank & Trust, we had 18 employees, counting the president! 

“Now we have over 130 employees, with 10 branches, and we are about to open our 11th branch in Lee County,” said Chancey.  “For TB&T, the sky’s the limit,” she said.

“Yes,” agreed Richardson.  “The next 50 years should be just as exciting!”