I’ll take Maybell and a seat at home, thank you

Published 3:00 am Saturday, January 7, 2017

Some ten years ago, I bought a ‘second hand” Honda Civic for $3,000. It only had 62,000 miles and a few scratches here and there. It got about 39 miles to the gallon.

The car was christened with a bottle of root beer and given the name Maybell.

With a few artistic cosmetic changes, lots of love and a regular oil change, Maybell retired with 268,000 miles and now bides her time as a yard ornament.

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Something I heard on the radio got me thinking about that.

As of Thursday morning, the average price on the “re-sale market” for a ticket to the National Championship Football game between Alabama and Clemson was $2,930, only $70 less than what I paid for Maybell.

The game will last around four hours compared to the ten years I got from my investment.

If I’ve done the arithmetic right, at that price, a seat in the stands will cost a fan $732 and change an hour. The cost per year for Maybell was $300.

But, there was good news for fans who plan to make the trip to Tampa. Ticket prices are dropping as game time nears. Some folks have probably decided they would like to pay the bills that will come due on the 10th of January, the day after the game. However, those who hope to buy a ticket at a reduced price should still expect to pay $1,000, that’s down to $250 an hour – a good deal.

I guess if you’re a die-hard fan of either university, the money might be well spent. To victor will go the spoils and, for the loser, the trip will be spoiled.

As for me, I plan to order a pizza pie, wrap up in a blanket in the best seat in the house and watch the game.

Whether I enjoy the game or not depends on who wins and who loses. But the way I figure it, is that I’m not going to be out anything either way.

I had to eat.

Roll Tide!