Feedback sought in city plan

Published 3:00 am Friday, November 18, 2016

The Troy City Council is asking for resident feedback on the Downtown Plan as it takes the final step to its completion with a public hearing on Tuesday.

The hearing will be the last chance for public comment before the council decides whether to approve the plan.

The planning process began over the summer with meetings for citizen input and has turned into a fully realized plan with 116 pages of strategies, actions, backgrounds, illustrations and more.

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Melissa Sanders, Troy planning administrator, said that she’s excited to see the planning stages finally coming to fruition.

“It’s been a long process,” Sanders said. “We applied for the grant in 2014 to start the plan. Then we did several studies to get ready for the first meetings which kicked off in June. I’m excited to get to this point.”

Once the public hearing is held and the council approves the plan, actions on the list can finally be taken.

Of course, many of the actions on the list are not actions that the city can take alone.

“It’s going to take not only public efforts, but private efforts as well,” Sanders said. “We need the support of the citizens, business owners and property owners to help our downtown grow.”

The next moves for the city include implementing the 2014 TAP grant, which will help fund the improvement of sidewalks downtown on streets surrounding the Square. The grant is currently under engineering review.

The 2016 TAP grant that the city received will also go to improve downtown by helping to fund the construction of the multi-use path proposed in the Downtown Plan that will connect Troy University to the Square.

There is no timetable for when the grant will be completed, as it still has to be engineered and Sanders said that they’re currently focusing on the 2014 and 2015 grants.

Sanders gave thanks for the citizens and officials who have helped to make move the plan along possible.

“I’ve been amazed and thankful at all of the representation from the public,” Sanders said. “Their input shows how much it means to all of the residents. I’m also thankful to the mayor, the city council and the planning commission for their help.”

The public hearing will be held during the regular meeting of the Troy City Council in the City Council Chambers at 5 p.m.