State Trump chair brings message to PCRW

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Perry O. Hooper, co-chair of the Trump for President campaign in Alabama, spoke at Wednesday’s meeting of the Pike County Republican Women.

Hooper addressed the state of the campaign in critical states such as North Carolina, Florida and Ohio, which he said the most recent polls show leaning in favor of Trump.

Pennsylvania, he said, shows Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton slightly ahead but he believes that coal miners will tip the scales for a Donald Trump victory.

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“The silent majority is going to show up,” Hooper said, to applause from the crowd of about 50 people at Julia’s restaurant.

He then told the audience “the issues are all on our side.”

Included in his points were that Trump, the Republican nominee, should be the one trusted to appoint Supreme Court justices; that Trump would build up the military; that Trump will build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it; and that Trump will repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Hooper replaced U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., after Roby withdrew her support for Trump in a public statement.

An audience member asked Hooper about Republicans not supporting the GOP nominee and whether Republicans could maintain control of the House and Senate.

“I think we can maintain both,” Hooper answered.

“There was a time when if you didn’t support the Republican ticket, you would get your butt kicked out of the party,” Hooper said later at the meeting, to applause from the audience.

Hooper criticized the Clintons, saying they were about “greed, money and power” and that Hilary Clinton had turned the State Department into a “pay-for-play” system.

He also criticized the mainstream media, claiming that it only shows certain polls that aren’t favorable towards Trump and saying that the press won’t show the good things that Trump has said and done.

He called on the audience members to influence their friends in battleground states to vote for Trump.

“We can make America proud again,” Hooper said. “We can make America safe again. We can make America first again. We will make America great again when we elect Donald J. Trump.”