Skeen: It’s time to ‘back the blue’

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back the Blue is a movement that has taken root and is spreading across the nation as more communities are showing support of the Men in Blue.

Jean Skeen, of Skeen Funeral Home in Troy, said the movement is spreading but not as rapidly as it should be.

“Every community across the nation should be behind our police officers,” she said. “What a terrible situation this country, our cities and communities, would be in if we didn’t have police officers out there watching after us day and night and protecting us as individuals and as communities. We need to ‘Back the Blue.’”

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Skeen said she understands that most people appreciate and respect police officers.

“But we don’t show that appreciation the way we should,” she said. “Every day, our police officers put their lives on the line for us, for people they don’t even know, and we should let them know that we support them and appreciate what they do.”

Skeen said police officers are much more involved in the community than one might think.

“They work accidents, crime scenes and domestic calls,” she said. “And, they do many other things in the community, from providing escorts for funeral processions and directing traffic to participating in community helper programs and providing security at athletic events.

“And, it not just the officers on the street that make up our police departments. The dispatchers and the office personnel play roles in keeping us safe. They deserve our respect and support also.”

Skeen Funeral Home is joining the Back the Blue movement with the installation of blue lights on the front of its facility on George Wallace Drive in Troy.

“The blue lights will burn throughout the night to let our police officers know we support them and have them in our prayers,” Skeen said. “While we are sleeping, they are out making sure we are safe in our homes and in our cities. The blue light will hopefully remind others of the service police officers provide here in Troy and all across the country.”

In addition to the blue lights, Skeen Funeral Home also has Back the Blue bracelets available for those who would like

to support police officers in a visible way.

“We think it’s important that we let our police officers know they are appreciated,” she said. “When we wear a Back the Blue bracelet, it is a visible symbol of our support and hopefully it will be an encouragement to our officers.”

The Back the Blue bracelets are being offered by the Skeens at no charge. The bracelets are available at Skeen Funeral Home in Troy.