Family plans Henderson tributes

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Plans are in the works to form a Dejerilyn King Henderson Institute for Civic and Political Education in Troy according to a press statement delivered on Tuesday.

Jerry Henderson, ex-husband of late councilmember Dejerilyn King Henderson, held a press conference on Tuesday detailing plans to continue her legacy.

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Henderson said that the statement was made on behalf of his late ex-wife’s family, friends and members of the Charles Henderson High School Class of 1995 in addition to certain individuals and organizations from around the country.

About 30 people were at the press conference held at the Pike County Courthouse.

The statement included the announcement of the institute and a memorial service, as well as citing “errors and mistakes” in the recent municipal election and reminding the public of some of the issues that Ms. Henderson was pursuing.

Henderson said that the planned institute will be “built along the same lines that Dejerilyn has stood up for in the past.”

“The idea is to raise up a lot of Dejerilyn King Hendersons,” he said.

Henderson announced that a memorial service is being planned for Dejerilyn Henderson, but said that the timline for that service is not yet clear.

“It could be in one month, two months or three months,” he said. “It all depends.”

According to Henderson, soon after Dejerilyn Henderson’s passing, her 7-year-old granddaughter Raelyn asked, “Who is going to take Grandma’s place?”

Henderson said that everyone should do something to take her place by continuing her legacy.

He also discussed the process for filling her vacant council seat.

“Whatever we do, we as a community should decide,” Henderson said.

“The community as a whole should make that decision.”

Henderson also talked about some of the issues that Dejerilyn Henderson brought up before she passed away,

“We want to make it very, very, very clear to officials,” he said. “There is some unfinished business that we will not let go away. There’s too much at stake. She fought too hard.”

Henderson first discussed concerns about the municipal election in August, stating that the election process was “not acceptable” and referenced issues with voter mailing cards containing incorrect polling locations and issues during certification with the handling of provisional ballots.

The final section of the written statement was to “inform city officials (and others) there are at least 17 items still on the ‘people’s agenda’ for just review and resolutions.”

Of those 17 items, seven were listed out in the release.

The council’s personnel process and decision regarding hiring the current Troy Fire Chief

District 5 lack of representation on the city school board

The city’s budget and the budget process

“Professional Services,” who is being paid what and for what?

The awarding of contracts, the process and the contracts

• The Troy City School System

The Historic Academy Street High School