Brundidge considers splash pad

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Brundidge City Council considered proposals for a half million dollar-plus splash pad and playground and new and more stringent rental regulations for Brundidge Station, which houses the Brundidge Nutrition Center.

Brundidge City Manager Britt Thomas said the city could be eligible for a CDBG Community Enhancement Grant. If awarded, the funds could be used to build a splash pad, playground, walking trail and restroom facilities on the city’s nine-acre property on Veterans Boulevard.

Thomas said the estimated cost of the project would be $583,000 with the city’s cost at around $259,000.

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Thomas said the deadline for the grant application is July 1 and the paperwork to prepare the grant application is rather extensive.

Councilmember Margaret Ross District 3 said she could not see spending that amount of money when she has residents in her district who have continuing erosion problems.

Councilmember Betty Baxter, District 1, asked if a custodian would be needed to clean the restrooms.

Thomas said that would be necessary but, in time, the city may be able to hire a part-time worker to do the cleaning and overseeing.

Thomas said he was going to move ahead with preparing the grant application and the council could make its decision at the next council meeting on June 21.

Thomas also brought to the council attention issues associated with the rental of Brundidge Station, which houses the city’s nutrition program.

“At a recent event tables were broken,” he said. “There are indications that there has been drinking at events. There was also an altercation at Brundidge Station and shots were fired.”

Thomas said a roving DJ has been using the senior center.

“I have always been of the belief that city property should be available for use by our citizens,” he said. “But the council might want to consider a change in the regulations for the use of Brundidge Station.”

Thomas said there is no regulation regarding the use of alcohol at the city facility.

Council member Cynthia Pearson, District 5, said anytime alcoholic beverages are being sold a liquor license is required.

Ross said Brundidge Station was never intended to be a juke joint and suggested that the rental policy be completely redone. No action was taken.

Cori Bailey, a resident of Galloway Road in Brundidge, addressed the council with a concern about Galloway Park and its use as a gathering place for people who are consuming alcohol and using drugs.

“Tree limbs were blocking the cameras at the park and I contacted the city and the limbs were cut,” Bailey said. “And, that has cut down on the drinking and drugs up there. What I would like to do is organize a Take Back Our Park group and plan activities, maybe like Red Rover and kick ball and make the park a safe place for our kids to play.”

Bailey said other parents and residents in the Galloway Park area are interesting in taking back the park and making it a safe place for children and families.

Thomas said the pre-construction hearing for the city’s CDBG water and sewer project has been completed as has work on the industrial access road.

Thomas said the resurfacing of Galloway Road should begin in the next week. He expressed appreciation to the Pike County Commission for the road department’s assistance in cutting the grass on the roadside and redoing the ditches in preparation for road to be resurfaced.

Thomas told the council that the city will receive $232,072.99 in the closeout of the TransLoad America bankruptcy case. TransLoad America is out of business in Brundidge, Thomas said.

The council approved a resolution to amend the city’s current Citizen Participation Plan to include different languages.

John Spellman, a resident of College Street, requested that the city remove a dead tree that is on city property and a threat to his house and to city utilities.

Brundidge Mayor Jimmy Ramage said Camp Brundidge began on Monday with a good number of youth participating. The Pike County Board of Education is providing breakfast and lunch for the campers.

Ramage said the Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library’s Summer Reading Program is underway with great participation. The Hillcrest and Brundidge Training School reunions are set for June 21 and the Brundidge Business Association’s Independence Day Parade will be a 9 a.m. Saturday, June 24 in downtown Brundidge.

A reception for Sgt. Sherry Shackleford of the Brundidge Police Department will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 21 at Brundidge Station. Everyone is invited.

Prior to the regular meeting of the Brundidge City Council, a public hearing was held for the assessment of property at 177 S.A. Graham Blvd. per the city’s weed control ordinance. The council took action at its regular meeting and voted to put a lien on the property in an effort to bring the property in line with the ordinance.