There are good cops, bad cops, but thank God for our police

Published 11:34 pm Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It’s been a rough past year or so for police nationwide.

More than one has shed a bad light on his/her colleagues in uniform by making mistakes, some of them fatal mistakes involving victims undeserving of the violence inflicted upon them by a police officer gone bad or having made a stupid mistake or costly miscalculation.

The guilty should be punished and barred from duty.

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But what about the American citizenry and the guilt it should bear for so unfairly painting “police” with such a negative broad brush?

Today is National Peace Officers’ Day, a day marked on calendars with the idea of saying thanks to those who so tirelessly remain dedicated to protecting and serving us, even when we don’t show the gratitude we should.

It’s also a day for paying tribute to those in police services who gave the ultimate sacrifice to do so: their lives.

We often call for greater transparency, and so we should. Too often, police hide behind the badge and the courtroom seal in not inviting public observation and adhering to a call of accountability.

Yet, if we also could gain that same level of desired transparency into the sacrifices made by our dedicated police officers and the often nasty and dangerous job they face day in and day out, we might be a bit more understanding of why the job is so demanding and for many, so taxing.

It is with great appreciation that we thank our police officers.

Calling it “Peace Officer’s Day” is highly appropriate, because without our protective police forces, there would be no peace.

We Americans should remember every day how spoiled we are with the freedoms we enjoy and how those in the military stand tall every day to preserve them. The same can be said for those who stand here at home to preserve our rights and very livelihood.

It’s not an easy job wrestling with criminals who cheat, steal and kill. It’s emotionally draining to encounter a fatal car accident or to inform a loved one of someone they’ve lost.

The list of duties goes on and on, and yet, those who feel a calling and dedicate their lives to protecting and serving do so with a deserved sense of pride and respect that goes far beyond the negative headlines and jeering critics.

Our police are also our heroes, and when you’re the one in need, there is no sweeter sound than to hear the sirens of emergency personnel on the way to help you. Almost always, a police siren is among them.

So today, as we should every day, we say thanks.

You very much are appreciated.

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