Be careful what you wish for

Published 11:55 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Americans heard a voice that invited them to come see, and when they rose from the destructive ashes of the past seven years they saw Donald Trump. The reality of the state of the union became a wakeup call for the rest of the nation.

A lot of Americans have finally reached the point of no return. Whites are tired of being told they are the problem then branded as racist by politicians who feed off the impoverished black communities. For years black Americans have been labeled “uncle Tom” because they do not fall in line with the racism blame game or the black narrative. For a while they remained silent but, with their freedom, borders and culture at stake they are silent no longer. They’re all tired of it and if you think Trump losing will make them go away you need to take a better look at what is really going on.
Trump supporters are a diverse group of gender, race and beliefs. They are bigger than Trump himself so no matter what happens they will be here for a long time to come. That is because Trump did not create them but, he is the voice that can finally lead them.
This movement was created by the hatefulness from the liberal left and the political correctness narrative that for years have been infecting and destroying the American culture, history, heritage, principles and values with misinformation, lies and lawlessness. Their efforts are disguised as rights for themselves or the rights of all things unhuman. They make themselves out as being the victims of American capitalism and oppression. Liberalism seeks to change America through satellite organizations who support violence, destruction and hatred toward anyone that disagrees with them. You do not have to take my word for it. It is all out there for the viewing because they no longer have to hide.
Our borders have been opened to murderers, terrorist, drugs and the basic wrath to society who come and go at will. Law enforcement is told to ignore it and no matter how destructive it is Americans are told to deal with it. Immigration into this country is not changing it for the better. For the past seven years America has been dying from the inside and the hands that are killing it live within the very protection they want to take from the rest of us.
Instead of living up to the oath he took to defend and protect this nation Obama lets in the worlds filth and most destructive despite the warnings of danger. He willfully and randomly will let anyone into this country for the sake of increasing his political base and Americans are dying because of it and he could care less. Instead, he attempts to cover it up by trying to convince Americans that the global warming hoax is a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism. That is just asinine.
Illegal entry into the U. S. would be so easy to control but when it comes to controlling the borders the democrats, as their leader, could care less and the republicans who promised to do so are sitting on their hands. Now both parties have to endure what they helped to create as they cower in fear under the many voices that come crashing in like ocean waves with the sound of great thunder.
Neighborhoods and businesses are destroyed because of false accusations of racism and instead of punishing the criminals causing or encouraging the destruction they are invited to the Whitehouse as heroes with Obama placing the blame on those who are task to protect this nation. Cops are treated as scapegoats for the lawless actions of rioters. Their lawful authority dismantled as they try to keep the peace in dangerous neighborhoods. The same dangerous neighborhoods that Obama, along with progressive liberal policies and so called black leaders helped to create.
The same neighborhoods where young black men have been killing each other with such frequency it has become part of the culture, celebrated through social media, music and gangs. Black lives are treated like broken windows in an abandoned warehouse. Never repaired, only neglected by those who claim they want to protect them. Then their lives are excused by laying blame elsewhere and exploiting their death for political gain.
Americans are tired of waking up every day to some new threat to their freedoms. They’re tired of going to work every day struggling to earn a living then told they are privileged and do not deserve what they have worked for. They’re tired of the rule of law under the constitution being ignored. They’re tired of Christians being murdered and the government who is supposed to protect them seemingly protects the destructive religion that motivates the killing of anything disagreeable.
Americans are tired of listening to foreign voices, who come from countries with a thousand-year history of destruction and human rights violations, tell the U. S. how it should be conducting itself. The U. S. has achieved more since declaring its independence than any civilization that has been around for thousands of years.
They’re tired of seeing the U. S. flag spit on, stepped on and burned while those who desecrate it laugh. They’re tired of watching the veterans who sacrificed so much to protect such a symbol of freedom be denied lifesaving healthcare. Healthcare that is instead given out as a prize for a vote.
Political correctness and liberalism have created the most hateful, destructive, willfully lawless and immoral state of the union and it was created by design to cause chaos and bring down the country. I have never heard of a Trump supporter that caused a riot, beheaded someone, fly an airplane into a building, blow up a marathon, throw a firebomb into a business, loot, shoot a police officer, burn the flag, stop traffic, or hang the middle finger in the air yelling “F the USA”.
Yet those who do such things are given a pass as the media deflects their vulgar and lawless behavior by calling Trump supporters and anyone who disagrees with the liberal brand terrorist and racist. To understand liberalism all America has to do is research YouTube and view all the destructive behavior. Liberalism hate is what created the Trump movement. Liberals want to cover their own destructive intensions by casting false witness. I say, be careful what you wish for.

Jack Rawlings

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