When the dust clears we will be better off

Published 11:55 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2016

If you have been down 231 in the last month you may have fell victim to random dust storms flowing across the highway. The source of all this dust  is coming from dirt being dumped and pushed around to eventually form the foundation of a new road connecting Franklin Drive to Elba Highway. Minus the infrequent dust storms, this road should benefit the city of Troy tremendously in the years to come.

The fact that it will save people time in travel and decrease traffic off of 231 is enough reason in it self for the road to be made. The overlooked benefit is the opportunity for more businesses to enter into the Troy economy once construction is complete and lots are created. This not only has the potential of bringing much needed jobs to the community but also benefit the economy in big ways.

Troy has been expanding for several years now and the addition of this road only furthers the progress of Troy. When the dust settles and the road is complete it is sure to add transportation and economic benefits to the community but also acts as a stepping stone to even bigger and better things to come to this great city.

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Sam Carroll 

Troy University Student