‘Pigcasso’ joins TroyFest lineup

Published 3:00 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

When you think you’ve seen it all … you haven’t.

TroyFest 2016 will feature 80 artists and crafters at its annual art and craft festival this weekend on the square in downtown Troy.

Many of the artists will be familiar faces at TroyFest and some will be newcomers. And, one will be a pig.

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Blossom the painting pig, uses only one tool for her canvas creations – her snout.

Blossom is the pet pig of Scott and Jackie McQueen of Northport. Jackie McQueen, will also be a participating artist at TroyFest. Although McQueen taught Blossom to paint, she, herself, paints with a brush, not her snout.

The McQueens said Blossom is a true, “Pigcasso” and she will demonstrate her artistic abilities at TroyFest.

Morgan Drinkard, TroyFest co-chair, said Blossom is, perhaps, the most unconventional artist whose work has been accepted at the prestigious art and craft festival.

“But TroyFest 2016 features an outstanding group of artists and crafters who work in a variety of mediums, including many different styles of painting and styles and techniques of pottery making,” Drinkard said. “We have several jewelry artists including Robin Johnston from Jemison who hand-crafts copper and brass jewelry, incorporating vintage found and reclaimed items as well as natural stone, glass and bone beads.”

Drinkard said Atlanta artist Virginia Fergus’ transparent watercolors on cotton paper are unique as are her “memorable paintings.”

Among the returning artists will be Dawn Prietz, a potter from Marianna.

“Dawn has been gone from TroyFest for a couple of years and we are excited to have her back” Drinkard said. “Her pottery is extremely popular with those who frequent TroyFest.”

Drinkard said folk art will have a strong presence at TroyFest.

“We will have 10 or more folk artists at this year’s festival,” she said. “TroyFest was originally the Jean Lake Art Festival. Jean Lake was a highly acclaimed folk artist and her work is in private collections around the county. So, TroyFest has deep roots in the folk arts and we are proud to feature some of the most well-know folk artists in Alabama at our festival.”

TroyFest will also feature a large variety of function crafts, Drinkard said.

Among the local artists participating in TroyFest are Charles Adams, Walter Black and Mary Ann Casey.

“Mary Ann lives and works out of Auburn but we count her local and we are glad to have her back at TroyFest this year,” Drinkard said. “The festival committee takes pride in that TroyFest is a complete art and craft festival.

“TroyFest has something of interest for everyone who appreciates arts and crafts of the highest quality. We invite everyone to join us on the square in downtown Troy this weekend.”

TroyFest will be from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free.