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Grace Gilliford to Kelly Bozeman, 104 County Road 1137, Goshen, for $125,000, Feb. 8.

Wanda Gorum and Millard and Patricia Orem to Wanda Gorum and Millard and Patricia Orem, 605 Ray Ave., Troy, for $143,690, Feb. 5.

Nathaniel and Diane Green to Amanda Lopez, Lots 12 and 13, Waters Subdivision, Brundidge, for $69,210, March 15.

Green Land Company INC to Cadence Bank, 22 Lots on Green Dr., Troy, for $79,200, March 4.

Green Land Company INC to Billy and Elaine Simmons, roughly 251 acres of land in Section 27, Township 10 North, Range 23 East, for $301,200, March 15.

Sheryll Green to Huey Green, a parcel of land in Section 21 Township 8 North, Range 22 East, Pike County, for $42,000, March 1.

Larry, Robert and Wade Griggs, Foy Mann, Dolly Norris and Carolyn Smith, to Marla and Rickey Diamond, 506 Second Ave., Troy, for $68,700, March 2.

Mary Groover to Diana Ford and Deborah Groover, 111 Woodland Circle, Troy, for $113,710, Feb. 5.