Published 11:50 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3S Properties LLC to City of Troy Alabama, 1203 U.S. Hwy 231 S., Troy, for $34,000, Feb. 11.

James and Darlene Adams to Jonathan and Jenna Miller, a parcel of land in Section 27, Township 8 North, Range 22 East, Pike County, no money exchanged hands for this transaction, Feb. 17.

David Adams to DLAJ LLC, 321 3 Notch St., Troy, for $75,000, Feb. 15.

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Alabama AG Credit FLCA to Robert C. Brown Properties LLC, two parcels of land in Section 12,Township 9 North, Range 20 East, for $100,000, Feb. 22.

Wanda Bass, Rubin, Steven and William Oliver to Rubin Oliver, a parcel of land in Section 32, Township 10 North, Range 23 East, for $15,567.75, Feb. 18.

Mary Bray, Emily Byrd and Thelma Flower to James and Mary Bray, 1254 County Road 3329, Brundidge, for $143,000, March 1.

Victoria Browder and Michael Peacock to Samuel Osborne, 140 Prospect Ridge Rd., Troy, for $179,500, Feb. 26.

Hubert and Charlotte Brown to Leah Welty, 410 West College St., Troy, for $382,000, March 2.

Butter and Egg Adventures LLC to Pierce Enterprises LLC, 2127 Butter & Egg Rd, Troy, for $34,610, Feb. 22.

Wendy and Steven Coke, Ditech Financial LLC, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, and Quicken Loans INC to Federal National Mortgage Association, 9240 N. U.S. Hwy 29, Banks, for $91,190.10, Feb. 23.

Deabron and Robert Sexton and the estate of Robert Sexton to Michael and Jessica Helms, 3568 County Road 2238, Goshen, for $27,000, Feb. 11.

Champion Mortgage Company and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Arthur Mosley, 457 County Road 1114, Troy, for $35,000, Feb. 25.

Catherine and Mike Lott to Scott and Theresa Frakes, 1348 County Road 4405, Banks, for $91,000, Feb. 17.

City of Troy Alabama to 3S Properties LLC, a parcel of land off of U.S. Hwy 231, Troy, given as a donation, Feb. 11.

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pike County to Beverly Grizzle, two parcels of land in Section 3 and 9, Township 10, Range 21, Pike County, for $22,166.67, Feb. 29.

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pike County to Dennie and Penny Smart, 186 Oak St., Brundidge, for $70,950, March 8.

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pike County to Timmy Hall, parcels of land in Sections 3,9, and 10, Range 21 East, for $110,000, Feb. 25.

John and Sheila Wall to William and Amanda Farrar, 295 County Road 7715, Troy, for $170,000, Feb. 11.

James and Carolyn Cobb to Shanton Redmon, 108 Highpoint Circle, Troy, for $143,000, Feb. 15.

Coleman Properties LLC to Faulkner Construction LLC, Lot #29 Diamond Fields, Troy, for $20,000, Feb. 18.

Patsy and Jere Colley, Helen Johnston, Carla Telfair and Leah Welty to Kipps and Connie Webb, 111 Hillcrest Blvd., Troy, for $300,000, March 4.

David Coppage to Charles Bundy, 100 Orion St., Troy, for $35,000, Feb. 17.

Kenneth Cox to Troy Realty LLC, three parcels of land in Section 31 Township 10 North, Range 21 East, for $2,100,000, Feb. 29.


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