We voters endorse the chaos when we keep watching, but who can stop?

Published 11:31 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The state of American politics is not a healthy one.

It’s never a good sign when so many voters indicate their vote means more to them casting it against a candidate rather than casting it in support of one.

That’s why it’s critical the so-called political establishment does what it takes not just to hear the message, but to hear, see, understand and feel the message: America wants things different in D.C.

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Voters are seeing the presidential primaries unlike any in the past. You know things are bad when the head of the Republican Party says attempts will be made to keep the next debate “G-rated” because of nonpresidential talk about body parts in the last one; or when the Democratic Party has to defend its frontrunner from threats of prison.

Already change is occurring: The voter tolerance level has reached never-before-seen heights in endorsing the chaos by continuing to tune in during live debates that need censors more than moderators.

But who can stop watching when this brand of live entertainment outdoes what used to be considered political satire on comedy shows? Sadly, satire has become realism.

Sadder still, many HAVE stopped watching because they’ve simply given up and are sick and tired of it all. That is another bad sign on the political health chart.

Furthermore, look at the void of unifying leadership among the frontrunners:

Donald Trump, a billionaire and New Yorker whose lifestyle is nothing at all like the majority of voters supporting him . While they love his tell-it-like-it-is break from traditional political speak, his insensitive and often unsubstantiated remarks threaten peace and stability on a global scale if spoken as an elected president.

Ted Cruz, a man other senators love to hate because of his selfish antics on Capitol Hill, including his hijacking of the Tea Party soap box that threatened to bring all government functions to a standstill. And yes, we acknowledge the words “government functions” as an oxymoron.

Hillary Clinton, a woman who many voters feel thinks she can get away with it, just like her husband previously thought he could get away with it. Fill in the blank for “it.”

Bernie Sanders, who is labeled by many observers and voters as a socialist and as someone trying to give away everything for free and create even more a land of entitlement.

When one of these four people is elected president, what does it say about the America of today that he/she represents?

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