Bundy: Pet park a priority for Troy

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It is a great pleasure to be writing to the Troy City Council and competing for ‘Mayor for the Day’. I believe the City of Troy is a wonderful place with many great qualifies. There are so many good restaurants in Troy, and we have a beautiful campus at Troy University. It would be lovely to have a nice pet-friendly park in Troy for all to enjoy.

I think Troy is lacking a nice, green place for people and pets to enjoy. We are also lacking outdoor areas for people and pets to enjoy. We are also lacking outdoor areas for people to exercise. We need a park because it will give people a great place to relax, read a good book, and have an enjoyable day. A park will also provide an area for pets to run around and play outdoors. A pavilion located within the park will be great to house birthday parties, family reunions and even class reunions. It will also provide a nice place for a picnic or a great lunch spot for employees on their lunch break to enjoy the outdoor scenery before returning to work.

The park could be located beside the new road going to the recreation center. This would keep it centrally located in the city and easily accessible for those who work, live, and go to school here. A park is a nice community place that people can enjoy. People will have a good place to exercise on their bikes, or walk on trails in the park. There can be benches placed throughout the park for rest and relaxation, and pavilion with picnic tables where people can eat and stay in the shade. For kids, a playground will be fun with slides, swings, and small rock wall. To make the park even more attractive, there should be a beautiful pond with a nice big fountain in the middle. We should also have an outdoor theater where people can bring their blankets and chairs and eat popcorn, candy, and enjoy a nice movie pr concert on the park grounds. The amphitheater within the park will provide entertainment for families and will give teenagers and college students something to do locally on the weekends. Bringing in top artists to our city will attract people from all over Alabama. The park could also be used for arts and craft shows throughout the year.

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I believe the city will improve if we have a park with all the qualities I have suggested. Not only will people love it, but their pets will also. A pet-friendly park may attract more people to our city of Troy. A fenced-in area could be provided for pets to run around freely. Outside of the fence leashes would be required. The park will also proved low-income families a place to go and enjoy at no coast to them. It will give children and adults of all ages a place to explore and enjoy the outdoors. A park can bring a community together, and it offers great opportunities for families and friends to interact with one another. The amphitheater will provide a venue for a variety of entertainment for all ages.

Overall, I think a park with a pavilion, amphitheater, playground, trails, and pond will attract new visitors to out city. I believe people of all ages will enjoy a new park in the city of Troy. I recommend placing donation boxes throughout the park to help maintain and keep it a clean environment for all to enjoy. I am proud to be participating in the competition for ‘Mayor for a Day’, and I hope you will consider a beautiful new park.

Morgan Bundy is a middle-school 8th grader at Charles Henderson Middle School was selected as a winner for ‘The Mayor for a Day’ contest. This is her winning essay.