Park: Roads, litter, jobs are top priorities

Published 3:40 pm Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If I were mayor of Troy, I would work on many problems in our community. I would work to ensure our town’s enjoyment and satisfaction by fixing roads. I would strive to create a stable economy by creating a steady budget for extra-curricular activities. Not only would I try to advance our town, but I would also try to improve the people of Troy’s overall peace of mind by decreasing the litter. I would use the best of my ability to not only try to solve out community’s problems, but also the people’s issues simultaneously. I would be an incredible mayor because I have plans for reconstructing rods, decreasing litter, and forming a stable budget for extracurricular activities in public schools.

I would rebuild more efficient roads to please people and for our town. Smoother roads would mean out community has fewer potholes because there getting to be too many of them. Better roads would help tourism. It would also draw more businesses and industry to our wonderful town. Unsteady roads cause more wrecks because it is much more difficult to control a vehicle on a bumpy road. When riding on uneven roads, it causes more people to feel nauseated. In addiction to more desirable roads, I would make improved detours so the people don’t have to travel too far and are able to get to their places on time. When providing better roads for our community, it benefits the town and gratification of the people in Troy.

I would also do my best to reduce littering on the side of a road. People litter way too much, so we should work to clean up out town. By putting more recycling containers and trashcans around the city, we could decrease much of the trash thrown along and on the roads. Educating students in schools about going “green” will help our environment and surrounding for future generations. Recycling can help the environment, and people can earn some money out of it too! By being eco-friendly, it can help the environment and beautify our town.

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I would work on creating budgets for schools, making sure they had enough funding for extra-curricular activities. Our schools should be able to support sports, arts, and entertainment. I would make sure we have a significant budget for all of the extracurricular activates, given that these activities are important to many students. With enough money, we wouldn’t have to cut things out like the different varieties of clubs or the band, which makes children upset and disappointed. Having enough money for our schools to aid students with extra-curricular activities will help our students get an amazing education experience.

Ideas, such as, creating better roads, diminishing the litter, and devising a substantial budget for extra-curricular activities in schools would make me a phenomenal mayor. Being a mayor means having to solve situations but also pleasing people at the same time. From building more efficient roads, to being eco-friendly, to providing a significant budget for extra-curricular activities, I would make Troy a much happier and better place to live for everyone. As mayor, I would work my best to able to solve out town’s problems, and help people along the way.

Irene Park a middle-school 8th grader at Charles Henderson Middle School was selected as winner for ‘The Mayor for a Day’ contest. This is her winning essay.