More exploitation of students

Published 11:12 pm Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yes, I hung up on an interview subject live on the air during my afternoon radio show. She was a spokesweasel for a website abetting prostitution who is paid to insist it isn’t a website abetting prostitution.

A rare occurrence.

She almost seemed to believe that men 50 years and older would pay up to $2,500 a year for the opportunity to pay college girls’ tuition just want to sit around with the girl and watch reruns of “Friends.”

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This is the transparently dishonest marketing of hookup websites luring college coeds with thousands of dollars in college debt to sign up for free to meet older men with deep pockets who would like the “opportunity” to “help pay down those debts.”

It takes a special kind of self-delusion to believe these desperate students aren’t going to be asked to do more than smile nicely at dinner… if the encounter even reaches a restaurant.

It began with a marketing email trumpeting extraordinary growth in membership for a website connecting “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies.”

It’s an age-old concept, using age-old terminology that means old men paying girls or young women for sex.

What’s new is the marketing concept. Since the government’s liberal policies have created a population of struggling college loan debtors, website operators can profit from older men seeking relations with much younger women without directly pimping the women.

The women put themselves in the game for free while men pay in advance for the opportunity to be contacted by the women. The men can pay extra to be “verified” as millionaires.

If you’re reading this in the hope I will help to advertise the name of the website, you’re better off Googling it. There are quite a few and I choose not to help them exploit young women drowning in a sea of college debt.

The spokesweasel did her job in expressing the objection that the women would be insulted to hear someone say they are desperate.


There is no shame in this kind of desperate situation. There certainly is shame in pimping those desperate young women to much older men.

The sites’ purveyors apparently don’t like being called “pimps,” either. They allow the adults to “define their own relationships.”

Rationalizing the business by deluding oneself that the girls who turn to such sites “know what they’re doing” means you must deliberately ignore the fact that many who are so deeply in debt return from such trysts with a purse full of money and a memory full of regrets.

The Huffington Post published a story about a college girl who met a wealthy man on one website, gave him the sex he wanted and went home with a few hundred dollars in an envelope.

She felt conflicted about the experience, then rationalized the fact that it was good money for a half day’s “work” and told the reporter she’d do it again.

She doesn’t see herself as a prostitute.

One site boasts having over 2 million such “sugar babies” in the membership.

How did this country get to the point where millions accept such a dehumanizing project?

Ironically, it begins with the truth that education can lead one from a life of poverty (and prostitution) to a life of fulfillment.

Well-meaning politicians, and those who see government largess as a tool for self-promotion, legislate for easy access to college loans. They use government resources to advertise and back the loans.

In July, 2015, the New York Federal Reserve released a study showing government-subsidized loans are directly proportional to college and university tuition increases.

Other studies have shown that colleges have used their increased revenue to build more buildings and increase administration staffs, not the number of professors.

Our government aids and abets this situation by subsidizing colleges as they raise tuitions beyond affordability while influencing students to rack up many thousands of dollars in college loan debts.

Too many now see renting their bodies for sex as a way to repay their tuition and loans, and there are many industrious men and women happy to exploit them for profit.

Government doesn’t have to create opportunity for evil. It simply needs to be limited.

Rick Jensen is Delaware’s award-winning conservative talk show host on WDEL.