Why isn’t Henderson addressing violence issues?

Published 9:33 pm Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Having the freedom to hold a press conference in order to discuss publicly, a perceived injustice, is just one of the attributes which makes America the beacon of hope in our world.

I don’t personally know Mr. Willie Jones, but I do know a lot of his family, and they are indeed fine folks. The kind of folks that will help you, when you need help, regardless of who you are.

My question to Dejerilyn King Henderson, Troy City Councilwoman District 5 is: Why have there been no press conferences, town hall meetings, educational seminars, or teen violence intervention coalition movements organized by you to address the killings, attempted killings and constant gunfire happening in your district over the last several months?  Why?

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The vast majority of these occurances are being perpetrated by teens, against teens, yet not one single meeting have you called to addrss these issues.

Children – children – are dying, residents are taking cover on their floors, in their kitchens, bathrooms etc., as seemingly endless spurts of gunfire rip through the silence, sometimes even on Sunday evenings.

Our Police Department is not tasked with the responsibility of raising our children, only how to handle them when we as parents fail to perform the duties God charges us with as their parents. I support anyone who wishes to meet and discuss issues that are considered to be injustices, but it is time for all residents of Troy to also bring these issues to Councilwoman Henderson’s attention, because it is obvious she is not aware of them. If she were, or if she truly cared for our youth, she would have organized many meetings like the one she seeks to have concerning the recent appointment of Troy Fire Department Chief, to bring awareness, educate, and actually lead from the front our families in a legitimate effort to stop losing our youth to the streets.

Simply not saying anything is no longer acceptable. Being politically correct only helps add to the body count, in the wake of losing more and more bright young people to a never ending cycle of violence, fear, and lost hope.

Recently people in San Bernandino, Calif., chose not to alert authorities about the alarming behavior they were witnessing with their own eyes, relating to the two terrorists, simply because they did not want to be attacked and labeled as biggots or racial profilers.

This is Troy, Alabama, for Heavens sake, and I have had too many conversations to count with fellow citizens, of all races, concerning our youth and Councilwoman Henderson’s complete lack of leadership with these issues.

Stand up and demand she does her job!

Frank Scarbrough

Troy resident