Jackson seeks re-election in District 6

Published 3:00 am Friday, January 8, 2016

Incumbent Joseph L. “Joey” Jackson, District 6, announces his candidacy for re-election to the Pike County Commission.

The primary election will be March 1 and Jackson has qualified as a Republican.

“I feel that the people of District 6 and I know each other very well and I have probably been to your home to ask for your vote,” Jackson said. “But, for those that I may not have met yet, let me tell you a little about who I am.”

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Jackson is married to Tammy (Thomas) and they are the parents of two children: Joelee, 12, and Roc, 10 months.

“Tammy and I are very proud of our children and all of our family. Their love and support has given me the encouragement and the ability to serve the people of District 6 for these four years,” Jackson said.

Jackson owns and manages a business and has been involved in many community and civic groups, including the Lions Club. He serves as interim pastor of Hebron Baptist Church.

“I have been blessed to be a lay-speaker for some time now,” he said. “My and Tammy’s service to God is a vital part of our lives. God, family, and community service are the foundation that we have built our lives upon.”

Jackson is completing his first term as commissioner. He served two years as vice chairman of the commission and now serves as chairman.

“I strongly believe that each of us need to be responsible and accountable in our leadership of your local government and I have done my very best to provide that as county commissioner,” he said. “I pledge to continue to provide that leadership in the future. I have always done my very best to be a positive part of the county commission and, along with the other commissioners, move our county forward.”

Jacksons said he has worked with the commissioners and other municipal leaders to benefit county residents.

“Through that cooperation we have been able to bring over $12 million in ATRIP funds into Pike County for our roads and bridges. One of the first of these projects was in District 6 on County Road 2214. This much needed bridge and road work has not only provided our citizens with a safer way to travel; it has also provided a much needed cost savings to our schools by giving them a more direct and safe route to and from school.”

Jackson said another school safety issue addressed was the construction of a turn lane at Goshen Elementary.

“These are but a few of the many efforts we have made,” he said. “Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to hear the good people of my district recognize my efforts to make things better. I sincerely appreciate those kind words of encouragement and support as I do my best to represent them onto the county commission.

“I also know that there is still much more that is needed, there are many things that we have yet to accomplish. We have shown improvement and with your support I will continue to passionately stand up for all the people in my district. I am known to be ‘upfront and honest.’ I say what is on my mind and in my heart. Sometimes if I speak loudly, it is because I care so much about the people I represent. I will let my record speak for itself on this subject.”

Jackson said he encourages public involvement at the commission meetings. “We want and need to hear from you,” he said. “I also want you to know that I am committed to providing open and transparent leadership for the people of my district and all of Pike County. Every decision that is made by the commission is, by law, public information and a part of the minutes of each county commission meeting. These minutes are always available at the commission office for review.”

Jackson also said he pledges to continue supporting Pike County Chamber of Commerce and the Pike County Economic Development Corporation. “Our local businesses and industry provide the backbone to our local economy and job growth, and retention is paramount to the health of our growing county.

“We are always stronger when we work together and that has never been more apparent than with the great success that Pike County has enjoyed in recruiting and sustaining business and industry through recent years.”

Jackson said serving the people of District 6 has been his honor and privilege.

“I am asking you to allow me to continue to represent you for another four years. With God’s help and support, I believe there is no limit to what we can accomplish in the future.”