Troy Music Study Club met Nov. 23, will not meet in December

Published 2:00 am Friday, December 4, 2015

submitted photo Pictured is Amanda Ford, the Troy Music Study Club president.

submitted photo
Pictured is Amanda Ford, the Troy Music Study Club president.

The Troy Music Study Club met Monday, Nov. 23 in the home of Mrs. Lyra Crapps on Murphree Street with Mrs. Joyce Dix as co-hostess.

The meeting opened with the Federation Collect led by President Lyre Craps. Bill Denison led the singing of the Federation Hymn followed by the November “Together We Sing” song, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”: words and music by Patrick S. Gilmore. Both songs were accompanied by Dovie Cutchen. The background of the November song was given by Dix. June Kendrick, Music in Poetry Chairman, read “Tired As I Can Be” by Bessie Jackson (Lucille Bogan) from Garrison Keillor’s Book of Poetry.

During the business session, reports were given by officers and committee chairmen. Plans for the club’s 110th birthday are being made according to the committee. Crapps announced to the club the death of Alabama Federation of Music Clubs’ treasurer, Margie Garrett, who had served in the office for many years and was also a past president. She visited the Troy Music Study Club on numerous occasions. Troy Music Study Club will send a memorial gift to AFMC for the Piano Scholarship fund in her memory.

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Program coordinator Amanda Ford presented a program on the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame, first conceived by the Muscle Shoals Music Association in the early 1980s, was created by the Alabama Music Hall of Fame board. It built a 12,500 sq. ft. building in Tuscumbia, Ala. Mrs. Ford stated that the purpose of the Hall of Fame is to showcase a multitude of different Alabamians who have had a significant impact upon the music industry from musicians to song writers, management and publishing.

A list of the achievers to the Music Hall of Fame was given to each member. After researching , Ford chose to showcase the ones she was less familiar . She gave a brief bio and played recordings for the following:

1. Arthur Alexander, “Blind Boys” singing “ Amazing Grace” 2. Cleveland Eaton, “Birmingham Train” 3. Erskins Hawkins, “Tuxedo Junction” 4. Hank Williams, “Hay Good looking” 5. Martha Reeves, “Dancing in the Street”.

New members for the 2016 Alabama Music Hall of Fame will be inducted Feb. 26 during the induction banquet in Florence, Ala.

Following the program refreshments were served by the hostesses.

The Music Club will not meet in December. The next meeting is Jan. 25, 2016 in the home of Jerry and Betty Spann.

Founded in 1905, Troy Music Study is affricated with the National Federation of Music Clubs and the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs.