Mortgages for Dec. 3, 2015

Published 2:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2015

First National Bank of Brundidge to Amy, Herman Allen 218 North George Wallace Drive for $190,155.69 on Sept. 21.

TB&T to Wallace Atwell 2973 County Road 1107 Goshen for $145,400 on Nov. 20.

Corey Young to Sophia Austin a .38 acre parcel of land lying on the East side of South Brundidge Street for $39,000 on March 26.

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Community Bank & Trust to Lucrecia Baldwin, Lucrecia, Sidney Jernigan Lot 7 according to the Plat of Pine Ridge Estate Part VII for $23,149.80 on Nov. 2.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, MERS to Marilyn Bast 621 Lashae Lane for $168,300 on Nov. 17.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation, MERS to Jeffery Bennett 754 County Road 2228 for $84,886 on Nov. 12.

TB&T to Robert Brown 1924 County Road 2262 Goshen for $292,500 on Nov. 20.

Amerifirst Bank to Lynn, Max Bundy, Mary Hollis 1757 County Road 6640 Banks for $48,625,30 on Nov. 19.

TB&T to Anthony, Donella Carter 300 Butter and Egg Road for $218,000 on Nov. 13.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Brenda Cole 121 County Road 5525 for $140,228.48 on Nov. 1.

TB&T to Donna, James Crawley 103 Emerald Drive for $14,500 on Nov. 24.

MERS, Renasant Bank to Manuela, Robert Hatler 1009 County Road 5516 for $370,000 on Nov. 13.

Renasant Bank to Timothy Herrington 325 Homewood Avenue $99,810.75 on Nov. 19.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chad Ingra 367 County Road 6644 Banks for $10,442.75 on Oct. 28.

First National Bank of Brundidge to Sunny Kim 901 Elba Highway for $60,000 on Nov. 24.

TB&T to Eric, Tiffany Mizell 312 West College Street for $30,000 on Nov. 19.

TB&T to Richard Nokes 213 North George Wallace Drive for $17,000 on Nov. 12.

TB&T to Sandra Owens 62.7 acres of land only in Goshen for $18,571.90 on Nov. 16.

TB&T to Willie Parker 108 East Hodges Street for $24,663.05 on Nov. 20.

TB&T to Larry, Mary Rowell 17 County Road 2249 for $89,184 on Nov. 18.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Arnessa Scott 320 Arrowhead Drive for $99,500 on Nov. 17.

CoBANK ACB, National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, United States of America Rural Utilities Serve to South Alabama Electric Cooperative 7 tacts of land for $150,000 on Oct. 19.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Sharon, Stephen Thrash 6324 County Road 6647 Banks for $488,322 on Oct. 26.

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