Commissioners hold on action for Rock Building

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If the Pike County Commission isn’t going to take action on the Rock Building commissioners need to return the $18,000 donated by individuals to support renovation efforts, said a volunteer who coordinating the fund-raising effort.

Sherry Helms attended Monday’s commission meeting and asked members about plans for the restoration of the historic downtown building owned by the county. Helms led a grass-roots effort to raise funds to save the building and those funds were donated to the commission, which has yet to take action on the restoration.

“It’s time to do something, and I will make sure it gets done,” Helms said. “I’m just asking that (the Commission does) something.”

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Helms reminded the commissioners that $18,000 is sitting idly in an account, and she said needs to be used to make use of the building or be returned to the donors if the commission decides to sell the building.

“I want that $18,000 given back to those people who gave it if nothing is going to be done,” Helms said.

Commissioner Robin Sullivan told Helms that the commission has set aside $50,000 in the budget for the Rock Building project, but no decision has been made yet on what action, if any, to take.

“There will have to be a decision that is made in the future,” Sullivan said. However, he said the issue was not on Monday’s agenda.

In other business, Jeanna Barnes, Pike County EMA director, also spoke during the work session, telling commissioners the first freeze warning of the year was issued Sunday night.

The commission unanimously approved the county engineer’s request to proceed with the purchase of a tractor.

Commissioners also approved a 20 percent pay raise for the Board of Registrars members. Commissioner Ray Goodson was the only vote against the raise.

The Commission unanimously approved to grant a deed to the City of Troy for an alley by The Rock Building.

“This will not serve as any kind of detriment if and when you sell the Rock Building,” County Attorney Allen Jones informed the commissioners.

Jones said the city plans to run a six-inch water line down the alley to serve the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and other buildings in the area.

“That would be an asset that is otherwise not there right now,” Jones said. “We need to be more than glad to let them do all that.”