Brew pub would be good for county

Published 11:17 pm Friday, October 9, 2015

Apparently members of the county commission have not been paying attention to the growth of the craft beer industry over the past 15 years. I want to know exactly what the commission means by “those kind of people” who would go to a brew pub. Maybe the commission should visit the Railyard in Montgomery to see just the “kind of people” who would frequent that type of establishment. I can assure you that the same type of people who would eat out at Applebee’s or Santa Fe Cattle Company are the same “kind of people” who wouldn’t mind having a local beer with their meal. Brew Pubs are in just about every larger city in the United States now. If Troy is so afraid of letting one open they should call some other city commissions and see how it is working out for them. Here is a short list of a few cities in the South and number of brew Pubs… just in case they are not aware: Asheville-20, Charleston-9, Savannah-4, Gadsden-1, Huntsville-3, Dothan-1, Fairhope-1. I have lived in Europe and spent time in just about every state in the union and guess what…there are a lot of brew pubs out there that bring a lot of character to a city and contribute to its identity. Kudos to Chris Dickens for trying to improve Troy’s appeal. Come on commissioners, its time to join the 21st century.
Mike Bagley

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