PCCA hosting cowboy mounted shooting

Published 3:00 am Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Pike County Cattlemen’s Association is holding a cowboy mounted shooting Saturday and Sunday at the Cattlemen’s Arena. BB Palmer, president of the PCCA and facility manager of the Cattlemen’s Arena, said this is the first time this kind of event has been held at the arena.

“It’s the fastest growing equestrian sport,” Palmer said. “This is the first shoot at the Cattleman Arena. It’s really interesting. I’ve seen it on TV, and I’ve heard them practicing. It’s loud, but it’s a good sport.”

For this event, arena will be filled with balloons and each contestant must ride a horse through the balloons in a certain pattern while shooting the balloons. The contestant with the quickest time and least amount of penalties will be the winner.

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“They move pretty fast,” Palmer said. “Sometimes they use a rifle and a shotgun, but most of the time it’s pistols. They have to hold two pistols.” Palmer said one round may be a pistol round and the next round may be with shotguns.

“They shoot more than one round,” Palmer said. “They may have a shoot off for the top competitors.”

Palmer insured that the event is safe, as the guns are filled with black powder that bursts the balloons.

Contestants will be coming from all over, but most are from southeast Alabama. More than 40 men and women will be competing.

“We’d love for folks to come out and check it out Saturday and Sunday,” Palmer said.

“I hope people have questions and want to come out of curiosity.

The admission is free and concessions will be available at the arena. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting will be Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. until around 5:30 p.m., depending on how long the competition lasts. The Sunday event will not interfere with the regular Cowboy Church

“They will have Cowboy Church,” Palmer said. “Our local cowboy preacher will bring the message.”