Board approves new billboard

Published 4:00 am Friday, September 18, 2015

The Troy Board of Adjustments approved the placement of a new 55-foot billboard at 1007 U.S. Highway 231 at Firehouse Subs. The billboard will placed by Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc.

“What we are wanting to do is get our signs out of the way,” said Bill Durden with Durden Outdoor Displays. “If this was on a side road, we would never need this size. If we didn’t have to build it at 55 feet, we wouldn’t because it takes more money to do that.”

Earl Durden, also with Durden Outdoor Displays, explained that the sign had to be taller in order for drivers to see it as they come over the hill in that area of the highway.

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“We need 40 feet to be able to clear the top of that hill,” Durden said. “That’s why we are asking for different heights.”

The men said that the majority of billboards in that area are a maximum of 35 feet, so their billboard would rise above the rest.

“It makes sense that you would want it higher to get it out of the way of the smaller signs,” added Dax Pugh, member of the Board of Adjustments.

With the billboard height increased, the Durdens asked for additional size, as well. “The higher the sign, the bigger it needs to be,” Earl said. “If it is lower, it is competing with every on-premise sign.

The Durdens said that they are unsure as to whether the billboard will be digital.

The board approved the placement of the double-off-site sign as well as two other updates to existing billboards, located at 109 U.S. Highway 231 North and 1114 U.S. Highway 231 North.

The Durdens will return to request permission for a digital billboard at the next meeting if applicable.

The Board also approved a request for a variance to allow the construction of a 22-unit multi-family structure at 524 Elm Street. The unit will consist of 18 units with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in each.

In other business, the board denied a request for a variance to allow the placement and residential use of a mobile home at 121 New St.

“The guidelines say that we don’t have the authority to do that,” said Perry Green, vice-chairman of the board.

The board also denied a request for a special exception to allow the placement of a fence within the required setback a 124 Prospect Ridge Road and 100 Briar Hill Way.