Upcoming ‘Pub- brewery’ brings new life to Troy

Published 11:34 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anything that can bring the community together is worth trying, and something that will appeal to the masses, including the Troy University population, definitely should be considered.
It’s true, during the summer Troy University students flock home like birds in the winter, leaving Troy baron and empty. And, even on the weekends, few establishments see business from college-aged residents of the city as many travel the distance to Montgomery, Dothan and occasionally even Auburn or Birmingham in hopes to find something worthwhile to do in their spare time.
There isn’t much to do in way of entertainment, but with the proposal of an entertainment venue with a “pub-brewery” style business, this could soon change.
Chris Dickens, owner of Sweet Rack Rib Shack on The Square, proposed to Pike County Commissioners Monday night plans for this sort of establishment in hopes of changing Troy from a “suit-case college” with students traveling home or away every other weekend into the university it’s well deserving of being.
Similar to the Supper Club, a well-known and beloved bar in Auburn, Dickens said the venue could potentially have a transit system that would keep students or other patrons off the road after enjoying a night out drinking beer brewed to Dickens specifications and served draft-style out of 150-gallon vats.
And, for those worried about security and the potential sell of alcohol to minors, Dickens has already thought of that and ensured that there is a possibility for armed security patrolling the area to ensure safety is at its highest.
Dickens has done his due diligence in taking the proper channels and getting the “go ahead” from members of the Pike County Economic Development Corporation, Troy University and even the state ABC board.
While a decision won’t be made on the proposal and the retail liquor license Dickens has asked for, the idea of an entertainment venue is still enough to get hopes high for not only the Troy community but the university community as well.

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