THE VISION: Pottery House and Studio opens with reception and gallery show

Published 3:00 am Thursday, August 20, 2015

Photo by Jaine Treadwell  Judy Baxter stands with her work created in the Colley Senior Complex’s Pottery House and Studio. The studio held its grand opening Wednesday.

Photo by Jaine Treadwell
Judy Baxter stands with her work created in the Colley Senior Complex’s Pottery House and Studio. The studio held its grand opening Wednesday.

The Pottery House and Studio Open House at the Colley Senior Complex on Wednesday was, for some, “the culmination of a vision.” For others, it was “the realization of a dream.”

Catherine Jordan, Complex director, could not hide her excitement as she welcomed potters and guests to the Pottery House and Studio.

“This is our new home,” Jordan said. “We have moved from a 12-foot-by-12-foot shed to a six room house and we could not be happier. We want to thank Mayor Jason Reeves and the Troy City Council for making this facility available to our senior adults.”

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Jordan said it was Marian Parker’s vision that the Collier house could be transformed into spacious work and gallery areas for the creating and displaying something fantastic and function from a lump of clay.

“Like Marian said, with the support of the mayor and council, if we think it, it can happen,” Jordan said.

Reeves said when the council had the opportunity to purchase the Collier house on Elm Street a few years ago, the decision was made based on the potential for the facility.

“The vision was to do something here to keep our senior adults active and engaged,” he said. “That was the vision. Today, we see the fruits of our labors.”

Reeves thanked all of those who have been a part of turning a vision into a reality and complimented the artists on “amazingly, wonderful works of art.”

Alene Snider, Complex member, echoed the mayor’s appreciation for the talent of the potters whose work is on display, Marian Parker, Judy Baxter, Scott and Jeanne Swindall, Andy Martincak, Linda Bolt, Millie Biggy, Linda Amos, Carter Sanders and Day Barnes.

“I have never seen a prettier display of pottery anywhere than what we have here today,” Snider said. “We have some very talented people, and we thank Marian who is our leader and the Mayor Reeves and the council so very much.”

Parker said the potters appreciated the opportunity to “show off a little bit.” She invited others to come and create for themselves.

“You’ll get a little dirty, but we’ll hose you down,” she said in thanking those who attend the open house.

Josephine Meeks, Foundation member, didn’t speak to the group, but no one at the open house was more excited, “more satisfied,” than she.

“This is a dream come true,” Meeks said. “The Colley Senior Complex is the best thing that has happened for senior citizens here in Troy. And, the Pottery House is now a part of this ‘best thing.’”

Meeks’ husband, Charles, was on the Troy City Council “many years ago” and the couple attended the League of Municipalities Convention in Arizona.

“We (council wives) were nagging our husbands to get out and ride around Sun City,” Meeks said. “We wanted to see their senior center that we had heard so much about and we were very impressed. We had a vision for something like that in Troy. Today, there is nothing to compare with what we have here. Not even in Sun City.”

The Pottery House and Studio will be open to the public during studio hours. Everyone is invited to stop for a visit. There is always a lump of clay waiting for a new pair of hands. The Pottery House is located at 713 Elm Street Rd. next to the Colley Senior Complex main building.