Prayer causing ripple effect in community

Published 11:07 pm Thursday, August 20, 2015

In recent weeks, the community has been coming together for prayer and mission work. It’s not an uncommon thing for Pike County to take part in spiritual activities; however, it has been very strong here lately.
Is it because of the tornado that could have wiped out hundreds of members of our community, but didn’t? As we reflect on what could have been a much more tragic event, it makes us think of what we have, but easily could have lost.
Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the incident; however, it still shook up the city in a big way. All of those inside the store when the tornado hit will always remember that panic of “what if.” They could have thought it was the end and could have experienced the terror of never seeing loved ones again.
It’s easy for us to forget to be thankful. Each year around Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we are reminded to always be thankful for our families, friends and all the other blessings in our lives. But sometimes that can be as effective as a New Year’s Resolution. You think about it for about a month or so, and then it fades into the back of your mind like driving though a lifting fog.
But sometimes thankfulness – for opportunities or abilities – translates into action, and that’s what we’ve seen in the community in recent weeks.
Hundreds of people gathered at Charles Henderson High School before the new school year began, praying and speaking positive things over the students, teachers, faculty, staff and parents involved with any of the schools. Those in attendance said that the students had dealt with so many hardships in the past year, and they saw how important it is to pray and allow God to work in the lives of their children.
A new ministry, I Choose Life Ministry, and more than 20 people met shoppers at grocery stores to talk with them and pray with them about any needs they may have had. This ministry is planning a revival for the entire city, hoping to bring life to the community.
The list of volunteer efforts and community-building work could go on and on. Whether motivated by thankfulness or driven by a desire for something more, there’s no doubt that hearts are stirring and people are stepping up to act.
As community members begin to search for thankfulness and take action, that one pebble creates a ripple effect of curiosity and people begin to search for more. They search for meaning and purpose.
And that is a good thing, for everyone.

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