CAT course teaches young drivers needed skills

Published 11:06 pm Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to see drivers splitting attention between the road and their cellphones.
And, while we think we are being safer by only texting or answering phone calls while stopped at a stop sign or waiting for a light to turn green, the unexpected can happen at any time and you could put yourself into a dangerous situation.
Through their Collision Avoidance Training class, Troy Police Department officers are seeking to teach drivers of all ages how to react when the unexpected happens.
Defensive driving is a dying skill, and this course will help revive something so desperately needed on the road. Being an effective driver means not only worrying about your driving abilities, it also means scanning and being cautious and aware of the drivers around you. This course seeks to revive those skills.
While it usually takes several years of driving on your own for younger drivers and parents to obtain the skills it takes to be an effective driver, this course seeks to teach young drivers at an earlier age to help deter many preventable motor vehicle accidents.
Playing the “what if” games during the course will help to train a driver’s brain to already anticipate situations as they begin to happen and potentially save lives. Participants will undergo training and instruction on dealing with a variety of situations, from driving off the road to having a vehicle pull out in front of your car to reacting as a child darts into the street to chase a wayward basketball.
The class comes with several success stories, including one of a driver who utilized his training from the CAT class to avoid rear-ending someone who pulled out in front of him on U.S. Highway 231 South.
The officers hosting the course hope that this year’s course will provide many more opportunities for success stories.
Troy Police Officers are encouraging parents to allow their children to participate in the course. The course fee is only $25, and it will give drivers of all ages the opportunity to learn how to handle a variety of driving situations.
Anyone wanting to participate can call 566-0500 or email

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