Troy Bank & Trust donates to PLAS for storm repairs

Published 3:00 am Friday, August 14, 2015

MESSENGER PHOTO/COURTNEY PATTERSON Becky Baggett, PLAS headmaster, left, accepts a $1,000 check from Troy Bank & Trust presented by Jeff Kervin, TB&T president and CEO.

Becky Baggett, PLAS headmaster, left, accepts a $1,000 check from Troy Bank & Trust presented by Jeff Kervin, TB&T president and CEO.

While nearby Walmart and Hibbetts sustained major damage, PLAS also suffered damage to its campus.

“We had storm damage on the baseball field and the gym,” said Becky Baggett, PLAS headmaster. “Troy Bank & Trust has been very generous. They called Wednesday and wanted to donate $1,000 in our efforts in clean up and repair.”

Baggett expressed how lucky the school was to not have more damage done, considering the school rests on top of a hill.

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“It will take us a few months because on the baseball backstop is cement work that is going to have to be taken out and be put back in,” Baggett said. “The poles will probably be the biggest thing, taking those down and putting them back up because it bent them and took the net. Baseball season is in the spring, and that’s a good thing because we have plenty of time to get this done. The gutters on the gym will probably be our priority right now because when it rains, that water has got to go somewhere. That will be a big priority, but I would anticipate a couple of months for us to have everything back.”

Jeff Kervin, president and CEO of TB&T, presented the check Thursday, saying he was happy to be able to help out the school.

“We’ve always tried to support the youth and our whole community, but especially the youth with programs throughout the year,” Kervin said. “When there is an acute need like this, we know that there are expenses that will be incurred at the start of the school year. You’ve got to watch for those kinds of opportunities and not wait for people to ask. You know the need is there, you might as well just act rather than react. We just acted when we saw that and new that we could help. We’ll do that in the future with any other needs that come up with any other schools that are here in our county.”

Kervin said that it is not only important to help, but it is equally important to set an example to the students of how to give back to the community.

“We think that’s very important because that is our future,” Kervin said. “We need to educate them and teach them the proper way to act and support your community and just give back. That is so important. If we don’t do that, we can’t expect them to learn from us and do it in the future. Hopefully, in 25 or 30 years, it will be one of these children that will remember this and they will be the ones that will be given back.”

In addition to TB&T’s donation, Baggett said the Salem-Troy Disaster Relief Team would come later that day to clean up some damage, as well.

“We had a tree that was hit by lightning, and they are going to take it down,” Baggett said. “That is a big help because that is a big expense we would have had to incur. It means a lot to the school because that is money we don’t have to spend from our general fund to make those repairs.”

With all of the help that PLAS has received after the storm, Baggett said that she is so thankful for it all and is grateful to the community.

“It is great to be part of a community that wants to contribute and help you out,” Baggett said.