Shellhorn Road to see pipe repairs

Published 4:00 am Friday, August 14, 2015

Tuesday’s Troy City Council meeting cleared the way for the Pike County Road Department to begin making plans for emergency road work needed on County Road 1101, also known as Shellhorn Road.

County Engineer Russell Oliver said that a cross-drain pipe on Shellhorn had recently undergone temporary repairs, but needs a more permanent fix to prevent the road from collapsing.

“We have a cross drain pipe under the road that is damaged,” Oliver said. “It’s been temporarily repaired, but we have federal emergency repair funds being given to us to be able to go in and permanently fix the issue.”

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Oliver said a pipe joint had come open, allowing water to flow around the pipe and affect the pipe bed.

“There has been some settlement there,” Oliver said. “The pipe just has to be replaced.”

During the council meeting Tuesday, Mike Davis, assistant manager of utilities for the City of Troy, said a city water line is located in the area of County Road 1101 that needs repairs, so the utility agreement with the Pike County Commission is needed for work to proceed.

“The county is going to do some storm drain replacement on that road,” Davis said. “We have a water line it their way, so they are getting money to relocate our pipes. It will be no cost to us, and we will provide water to those residents.

“It’s simply an agreement to let a contractor do the work. We will be involved to make sure it is done right. It will be done with state funds.”

Council members unanimously approved the agreement, and Pike County Commission Administrator Harry Sanders said when both governments work together more work can get done.

“We really do get more done when we work together,” Sanders said. “We are thankful we were able to reach an agreement to move the water line and get this project started.”

Since the drain has been temporarily fixed and safe to drive one, Oliver said the room is still open for use. Once the construction begins, the road would be closed.

“The road will be completely closed for a while, and I’m not sure how long,” Oliver said. “The project isn’t even ready for the letting yet, but we will know more once we get started.”