Mortgages for Aug. 13, 2015

Published 2:00 am Thursday, August 13, 2015

MERS, TB&T to Jeffrey D., Donald, Jeffrey, Tonita Bentley 115 South Hillcrest Boulevard for $150,000 on July 30.

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union to Penny, Tracy Von Hollen 1125 Willow Street for $70,000 on July 13.

First National Bank of Brundidge to Charles, Huey Childs 636 County Road 7717 for $24,900 on July 23.

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Freedom Mortgage Corporation, MERS to Ashley, Chase Daly 110 Hardwood Ridge Lane for $250,617 on July 10.

MERS, New Day Financial LLC to William Flowers 315 Gilmore Road for $98,845 on July 14.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation, MERS to Brendolyn, Ronnie Franklin 3944 County Road 1112 for $60,280 on July 23.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation, MERS to Lloyd Gardner, Sandra Strickland 3994 Alabama Highway 87 for $164,227 on July 20.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, MERS to Christopher, Kristie Garner 439 Murphree Street for $185,576 on Aug. 7.

Trustone Financial Federal Credit Union to John Gerardi, Trustee, f the John Gerardi and Gloria Marie Garardi 1986 Trust 1102 U.S. Highway 231 South for $1,462,500 on July 30.

LB, Martha Pevehouse to William Mathews Lot 1 of Club View Subdivision for $17,500 on Aug. 10.

Citibank NA, MERS to Avington, Jordan Medeiros 314 West College Street for $160,000 on Aug. 3.

TB&T to Elizabeth, John Mitchell 1634 Enzor Road for $95,000 on Aug. 4

MERS, State Bank and Trust Company to Garrett, Morgan Peek and Billie, John Wynn 206 First Avenue for $134,518 on Aug. 7.

21st Mortgage Corporation to Darlean, David Thomas 1258 County Road 7708 for $106,821.50 on Aug. 7.

TB&T to Homer, Linda Williams 5085 County Road 3319 for $24,000 on July 29.

TB&T to Mabel Williams 112 Segars Street for $49,500 on Aug. 3.

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