Klothes for Kids having free shopping day

Published 2:00 am Friday, August 7, 2015

Saturday will be a free clothes-shopping day for kids ages kindergarten through 12th grade at Queen Rene’s Boutique in Brundidge.

Klothes for Kids will again host the free shopping event for kids from low income or single parent families.

Paula Hall organized Klothes for Kids a year ago when she realized there was a need for a free clothes-shopping opportunity for kids.

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“Some kids are picked on at school because they are less fortunate than others and don’t have the clothes or shoes like the other kids are wearing,” Hall said. “I wanted to do something to keep kids from suffering that kind of embarrassment.”

What Hall did was organize Klothes for Kids and ask for donations of newly purchased clothes that would be the inventory for a free shopping day for kids.

“Last year’s Klothes for Kids was a success and we are expecting more kids to take advantage of this free shopping day from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday at Queen Rene’s Boutique,” Hall said.

“We ask that an adult accompany each child but this is a shopping day for the kids. We want the kids to pick out the clothes they want and to do the shopping themselves.”

Hall said a large number of clothing items have been donated and donations will be accepted until 6 p.m. today at Queen Rene’s Boutique in the old Junior Foods building on South Main Street in Brundidge. All donated clothing or shoes should be tagged, not with the price tags, but tags that will indicate they are new items.

“Our hope is that we will have a large enough inventory that each kid will get to pick out five outfits,” Hall said. “We want each kid to have enough new clothes to wear something different each day the entire first week of school.

“We don’t want any kid to start the school year by being bullied because of what they are wearing. I have first-hand knowledge of incidents like that happening and they probably happen more than any of us realize. We can pray for the people who do these kinds of things and we can also do something to keep these things from happening. That’s what Klothes for Kids is all about.”

Hall expressed appreciation to Lesley Jackson, owner of Queen Rene’s Boutique for hosting the Klothes for Kids free shopping day and to Dorothy Thomas and Katasha Wheeler who will assist the kids as they shop for school clothes.