Troy listed in Top 20 in Alabama for new homebuyers

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A recent online survey named Troy one of the top 20 cities for first-time homebuyers in Alabama.

The study was published on, a consumer advocacy site dedicated to providing clarity for different financial decisions.

“Since deciding where to buy a home is the biggest financial choice most people will ever make, we create studies to help readers make a decision supported by quantitative factors like growth, safety and affordability,” said Sara Collins, senior communications analyst at NerdWallet. “This report is part of a new state-by-state series designed to identify the communities in each state where homebuyers are likely to experience healthy value appreciation, in addition to affordability and a great quality of life.”

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According to the study, first-time homebuyers are typically married couples in their 30s, and more Millennials hit their 30s this year. As a result, America will see a large amount of the renting population enter the homebuying market for the first time.

“We tried to put ourselves in the perspective of homebuyers,” said Kamran Rosen, content analyst for NerdWallet and the author of the article. “We wanted to get right down to the economic decision of buying a home. It’s considered the biggest financial decision. We just wanted to look at it from an investment perspective.”

The study researched population growth, median home value, the years it takes to save for a 20 percent down payment, home value growth, median real estate tax rate, selected monthly owner costs and crime risk. Rosen explained that new homebuyers are not usually looking at things such as education when purchasing their first home because they are not necessarily looking to support a family just yet and are likely to purchase another home in the future.

Troy’s home value growth, population grown and median real estate tax rate is what placed the city in the top 20. Troy had a 12.5 percent home value growth, 6.29 percent population growth and .3 percent median real estate tax rate. The population growth and home value growth were determined from 2010 to 2013.

David Adams, president of the Pike County Board of Realtors and owner and broker of David Adams Realty, said it’s not just the numbers that persuade first-time buyers to buy homes in Troy.

“We’ve got the perfect community,” Adams said. “We have a small town atmosphere with some good growth and good industry.”

Adams said in his experience young couples move to Troy because of the job opportunities at the large industries, and he has seen a surge in sales within the past year.

“Those industries are what pull people to Troy,” he said.

Although the research was based strictly on numbers and statistics, Rosen said the study was created to serve as a guide for new homebuyers to help them with their search. If homebuyers’ budgets do not fall within the average used for the study, they can adjust their own research accordingly.

“If Troy fits the profile of what you are looking for, it is a smart bet,” Rosen said.

“If you are looking for an investment, it seems to make sense.”

Adams said many first-time homebuyers are attracted to the fact that Troy’s small town atmosphere offers things that larger cities offer, as well.

“We have both,” Adams said. “We are growing … they can stop and eat here, but they can also travel to do other things if they want to do it.”

Troy’s central location, nestled between multiple larger communities, makes it more appealing to first-time homebuyers as well, allowing them to commute easily, according to Adams.