The deadly July 4th weekend in Chicago

Published 10:01 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2015

If you haven’t seen the numbers for gun violence in Chicago over the July 4th weekend, it is quite sobering, but hardly a surprise. From 6 p.m. Friday July 3 until Midnight, July 5, there were 10 shot and killed including a 7-year-old watching fireworks with his folks, another 55 were hospitalized. I have researched this issue and this number ties the record for military deaths in Afghanistan for same the length of time on July 8, 2008. While this sounds ominous, it is still down about down 50 percent of gun deaths in the area in the 90s. For the past three decades, Chicago will average 12 gun homicide per weekend.

This is one of America’s larger cities with 2.7 million and has some of the toughest gun laws anywhere. The Mayor is Rahm Emanuel, a former White House aide and, of course, a Democrat. As you may know, the Democrats have dominated Chicago Land politics for over 100 years and have a reputation of being at the very top as most corrupt cities in America. The method of measuring corruption in this case is the number of officials sent to prison, Since 1969, 468 public officials from Chicago have been imprisoned including three Governors. Even the gun control crowd must surely agree that what Chicago is doing is NOT effectively addressing the gun death issue.

Does it make you uncomfortable that our president calls Chicago home and is a product of the Illinois political machine?

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James W. Anderson
Talladega, AL