Courthouse installs new swing door

Published 4:00 am Friday, June 12, 2015

After seeing a number of people struggle opening the heavy doors at the Pike County Courthouse, Probate Judge Wes Allen took it upon himself to have a swing door operator installed to provide assistance for those who need it.

“I’ve just seen people struggle, elderly and some disabled people struggle to get that heavy door open,” Allen said. “The swing door operator was a way to be able to make it easier on them and access their courthouse. This was an easy solution where we were able to take care of that issue.”

Allen said he originally got the idea for the swing door after visiting Troy City Hall back in January, but ultimately made the decision after checking the number of people coming into the courthouse for the last two years.

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“In 2013, we had a 143,673 people come through the courthouse doors, and in 2014 we had 141,313 individuals come through the courthouse doors,” Allen said. “This year, from January through the end of May, 51,997 people have entered the courthouse. We looked for a way to make it easier on people to get into the courthouse, improve access to the courthouse and we believe this swing door operator encompasses that.”

Thursday morning the swing door operator project was officially completed and Allen said he was thankful to see a project come together and be finished so quickly.”

“There are so many things citizens of Pike County have to come to the courthouse to take care of, like government services, so being able to access the Sheriff’s Office, Probate Office, the circuit clerk, board of registrars and veterans affairs is important,” Allen said. “This building has a lot of foot traffic and I firmly believe it is our duty to ensure the disabled and elderly taxpayers have easier access to their courthouse.”