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Mortgages for June 4, 2015

MERS, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Francisco to Hien Duong 609 Lawson Drive for $170,000 on April 23.

First National Bank of Brundidge to Brian Anderson, Laura Gordon 118 Pine St. for $315,000 on May 29

Great Plains National Bank, MERS to Sonja, Sylvester Atkins 1779 Butter and Egg Rd for $181,338 on May 20.

First National Bank of Brundidge to Ronald Bundy 5822 AL Highway 87 for $53,000 on May 15.

TB&T to Elaine, Jerry Cobb 103 Norfolk Ave. for $25,000 on May 20.

Servisfirst Bank to Wesley Dunn, Frank Thomas a portion of Section 9 and a portion of the West 1/2 of Section 10, all in Township 9 N, Range 21 E for $1,625,000 on March 31.

Regions Bank to G&G Properties LLC 137 N Knox St. for $45,500 on June 1.

Regions Bank to Earvie, Ouida, Gandy 487 Legion Hill Rd for $58,000 on May 14.

Charles, Sandra Berry to H&E Timber Co Inc two parcels of land, both in Section 21, Township 8 N, Range 19 E for $240,000 on May 28.

TB&T to Joshua Hester 103 Greenleaf Way for $203,603 on May 27.

MERS, TB&T to Brent, Kerrie Hill 105 Greenleaf Way for$131,200 on May 28.

Homestar Financial Corporation to Jesse, Judith Hughes 1948 County Road 3316 Brundidge for $197,842 on May 21.

First National Bank of Brundidge to George Ingram two parcels of land on County Road 6650 in Banks for $100,704.50 on May 13.

First National Bank of Brundidge to Brandon, Samantha Jordan Lot 7 Smart Rd. for $24,800 on May 29.

William Brunson to KBC LLC 421 S.A. Graham Blvd. Brundidge for $309,012.88 on May 26.

MERS, TB&T to Lawrence Mosely 1744 Henderson Highway for $111,224.00 on May 28.

MERS, TJC Mortgance Inc to Wendy Muccio 116 Ingram Drive for $326,000 on May 11.

Prospect Ridge LLC to Poets Inc Lots B and C of a resubdivision of Lot 52 and Lot 52 or Prospect Ridge Subdivision Phase II and Lot 11, The Village for $50,000 on May27.

TB&T to Sellers Builders Inc Lot 42 Diamond Fields Drive for $147,200 on May 28.

Regions Bank to Troy Partners I LLC three parcels of land in Section 4, Township 4 N, Range 21 E for $2,325,000 on May 29.

MERS, TB&T to Amy, Thomas Woodard 728 County Road 1101 for $145,000 on May 22.